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Dr. Rüdiger Loitz ist Ihr Experte für Assurance Technology & Innovation bei PwC Deutschland

WP StB Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Loitz
COO Assurance and Leader Capital Markets & Accounting Advisory Services, PwC Germany

Accounting is subject to ongoing changes

Accounting and financial reporting are constantly facing new challenges from legislators, regulators and boards. New rules and regulations are the order of the day. What's more, some accounting topics are so complex that they are generally difficult to handle. This applies not least in special circumstances such as a planned corporate transaction or in crisis situations. And the digitalization of finance is also playing an increasingly important role. Rely on the experience of our experts and take care of the essentials: your daily business.

PwC's Capital Markets & Accounting Advisory Services team can advise you on all accounting and reporting issues: from German GAAP and IFRS to detailed questions about the balance sheet or management report.

Digital solutions play a key role in this context – on the one hand we use them internally, on the other hand we advise companies on the selection and implementation of suitable solutions – tailored to your individual needs.

What are your concerns?

Complex Accounting & Conversions

Do you have questions about tax accounting, revenue recognition, group accounting or accounting for intangible assets? Do you need support with the requirements of the ESEF Regulation? Do you want to change your accounting or structure (business) transactions?

Digital solutions in accounting & reporting

Are you looking for digital solutions for process optimization and automation in accounting? Get an overview of our digital solutions for specific accounting issues, financial statement preparation and reporting, knowledge management or document analysis.

Acquisitions, Divestitures & ESG

Accounting and reporting issues play an important role in acquisitions and divestitures. Sustainability (ESG) is also increasingly coming to the fore here.

Managed Services for Accounting

The use of managed services can provide relief in the cases of outdated technology platforms, a need to increase process quality without introducing a new IT landscape, or a lack of human resources. We offer the setup and operation of a finance function as managed services for your company.

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WP StB Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Loitz

WP StB Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Loitz

COO Assurance and Leader Capital Markets & Accounting Advisory Services, PwC Germany