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Tax considerations always play a role in decision making. With this in mind, PwC tax experts concentrate on the need to enhance professional competence with industry expertise. This enables the hand-picked team to tailor its advice to the business objectives of the client. Internationally, the team can draw on the experience of the PwC network in 158 countries. A central PwC client contact brings this knowledge and experience together giving the client the benefit of a "one-stop-shop" on strategic matters with a centrally coordinated local service for local compliance and planning issues.

Advice on tax returns and bookkeeping services

Tax experts from PwC help businesses comply with their tax and accounting obligations – returns, records and document retention. Experienced teams take over complete functions such as payroll, general ledger, year-end accounts and tax returns. PwC tax teams can also implement a control system to keep track of all compliance deadlines at home and abroad throughout the group. more

Tax advice for companies

PwC's tax advisors work pro-actively with companies to optimise their tax situation. To do this, PwC's tax experts provide support to businesses on all current tax issues and on resolving the complex issues involved in tax planning. PwC's clients include businesses of all sizes and types and from all industries. more

Transfer pricing

A good understanding of transfer pricing and structuring of cross-border value-added processes will help businesses to optimise their corporate tax rate structure. Furthermore, a company can incur significant financial penalties unless documentation of cross-border transactions is consistent and logical. PwC's transfer pricing practice comprises more than 800 specialists from over 40 countries. They develop national and international documentation systems, transfer pricing structures and business models that are both innovative and practical. more

Indirect taxes

VAT and most excise and other taxes on transactions are harmonised across the EU. They are not, however, identical; in particular the rates and reporting formalities differ. Our experts can offer a coordinated solution for a workable system to ensure adequate compliance by your business without an undue administrative burden. more

Tax advice for Private Clients

Private wealth is accumulating rapidly. Surprisingly, the strategic investment of assets, along with maintenance and growth of family fortunes for future generations, is an area that is often neglected. The experts in the Private Client Solutions division of PwC develop tailored tax solutions for these issues, implementing them in a coordinated manner around the world. more