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Dr. Jan-Peter Ohrtmann
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Using technology to effectively combat product counterfeiting

Combat product counterfeiting effectively - with the Piracy Detection Tool by PwC

Counterfeit and pirated products: The criminal business with cheap replicas

Every year, the impact of counterfeiting and piracy causes damages amounting to hundreds of billions of Euros to the global economy. Almost every industry is affected by product piracy.

This not only leads to considerable losses in turnover. It leads also to a loss of image, because consumers can lose their confidence in a brand. Companies that have become victims of brand piracy want to defend themselves against this form of white-collar crime.

One challenge is to find the counterfeit products in the world wide web. Most of the counterfeits are sold online, and online trading is fast, anonymous and versatile.

How companies protect their brand

How can companies successfully combat counterfeit? How can they succeed in tracking down product pirates on the Internet? As an intelligent search engine, the Piracy Detection Tool by PwC finds counterfeit products offered on online platforms and marketplaces.

The tool collects information about the providers and distinguishes plagiarism from the original. It collects and secures evidence and thus creates the basis for prosecution and law enforcement.

Through comprehensive market coverage, plagiarism can also be found outside the known international trade platforms.

Advantages of the Piracy Detection Tool

Up-to-date AI-supported technology

Through artificial intelligence, the Piracy Detection Tool continuously learns and is therefore better able to identify counterfeits and plagiarisms.

High market coverage

The Piracy Detection Tool achieves a significantly higher market coverage than conventional instruments. It searches around the clock and is constantly updated.

Gain of information at a high level

The Piracy Detection Tool finds new webshops and platforms and detects connections between different webshops. Furthermore, it identifies as well the locations of their servers and secures all relevant information.

Enforcement of claims

The PwC tool is the basis for your company to take legal actions against perpetrators. You can use PwC Legal to assert injunctive relief, information claims and claims for damages in and out of court. This applies to infringements in Germany and in other countries. PwC also supports companies in taking action against domains and having goods confiscated by customs to eliminate sales of counterfeit.

The Piracy Detection Tool at a glance

Product piracy causes billions of dollars in annual losses, can destroy jobs and damage a company's reputation. But companies can defend themselves against this form of white-collar crime and build effective protection:

  • Protect your company and your customers from product piracy with the Piracy Detection Tool. It scans the global marketplace, finds fakes and distinguishes them from originals.
  • The PwC tool finds information, secures evidence and thus enables effective prosecution.
  • The tool learns continuously, because it works with artificial intelligence and is always up to date.
  • The Piracy Detection Tool offers high market coverage. It can be used in all languages and countries.

“Infringement of intellectual property is not a trivial offence. Counterfeit and pirated goods cause enormous damage and affects almost all branches of industry. Consumers also suffer damages from product piracy. This makes it all the more important for companies to install effective protection against brand piracy.”

Nils Wolfgang Bings, LL.M. IP (GWU), PwC Legal,attorney-at-law
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Dr. Jan-Peter Ohrtmann

Dr. Jan-Peter Ohrtmann

Partner, PwC Germany

Tel: +49 211 981-2572