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Scale Corporate Package: Become a partner of our Scale Programme

Your ticket into the startup ecosystem

As a partner of our successful Scale Programme, you will have the opportunity to actively take part in our Scale Programme and to find and engage with exciting startups that benefit your company. PwC has been supporting startups in their scaling process for a number of years, and knows the pitfalls and success factors of collaborations between emerging technology companies and established Corporates. PwC is well connected within startup ecosystems around the world, and hence able to find the most suitable startups for you and to prepare them for collaboration within the framework of our established Scale Programme.

Benefit from

Access to New Customers / Distribution Channels

Access to New / Emerging Technologies

Ability to strengthen Innovation capabilities

Access to new Geographic Markets

Access to Talent

Access to New Markets and Industries

Programme Overview

We start 2020 with the following scale programs: Sustainable Finance, Digital Operations and LegalTech.

Sustainable Finance

Tools and Technologies that help investors to find and assess financial products that comply with ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) criteria.

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Digital Operations

Technological capabilities which change the game in how to produce goods and cater to changing expectations regarding efficiency and customer orientation in production (e.g. Manufacturing Execution, IoT-enabled alternatives, digital twins).

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Focusing on innovative business models incl. online legal services, (partial-) automation of legal administration, document analysis, electronic discovery, collaboration networks and more.

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We ensure your success in 3 phases

Each of the programs follow the same approach: in the preparation phase we define the search fields together and select the startups, during program execution we work with the startups and prepare them for the collaboration, and after the program PwC supports the cooperation of startups and Corporate.

Preparation Phase - February till March 2020


Jointly defined search fields
Based on your goals and the prioritization of your innovation areas and in consultation with other potential partners of the Scale Programme, we define the search fields that form the basis for the scouting of startups.

Overview of the startup ecosystem of your industry
Based on the defined search fields, PwC will then scout suitable startups for you. Our startup services and our PwC Research Centre allow us to take a detailed look at the relevant startup ecosystems around the world, and to provide you with an industry report about the industry-specific startup landscape.

Selection of relevant startups
PwC's industry experts will support you and potential partners in selecting the relevant startups for the programme. After the final selection of the startups and preparation by PwC, the programme is ready to kick off!

Programme Execution - April till May 2020

Exclusive exchange
As part of the programme, our PwC experts prepare the startups for a potential collaboration with you. You will take part in our workshop days and thus have an exclusive exchange with the startups before anyone else does.

Startup Fitness Workshop
You can take part in a Startup Fitness Workshop by our PwC experts, which will provide you with relevant content for a successful collaboration with startups. Based on many years of experience in advising on cooperation projects, we know where to pay close attention to ensure that the innovative power of the startups will be unleashed.

Participation of your corporate startup(s) in PwC’s Masterclasses
Up to two corporate startups can take part in our masterclasses and benefit from PwC's expertise in scaling up. The masterclasses provide the participating startups with relevant content in selected areas, from marketing and sales to legal and tax issues.

After the programme - From June 2020


Create great things!
Once the programme is over, the startups are well prepared to cooperate with you. Optionally, PwC can continue to support you after the programme and help you to leverage the innovation potential of the selected startups.

Contact us

Florian Nöll

Florian Nöll

Head of Corporate Development & Innovation, PwC Germany

Tel: +49 30 2636-4176

Maximilian Wackerbeck

Maximilian Wackerbeck

Corporate Innovation, PwC’s Next Level, PwC Germany

Tel: +49 170 9681447

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