Global Intelligence

Organisations are increasingly looking harder for growth opportunities in global markets. But with a world of opportunity comes a level of uncertainty.

Regulators are also applying greater scrutiny, and other stakeholders are demanding higher degrees of integrity. Trust and reputation are vital in corporate relationships. Who are you doing business with? Do you have timely and insightful information with which to make decisions to protect your organisation? In an increasingly regulated environment, you need to be proactive in protecting your brand and your reputation. For two decades, PwC’s Global Intelligence team has been bringing their experience, know-how and insights together to allow our clients to make informed decisions. We research people and companies, producing profiles and running background checks to help you manage your business integrity and reputational risk.

Corporate Intelligence services are useful for ...

  • ... identifying a partner, client, competitor or individual
  • ... assessing and managing risks
  • ... reducing uncertainty
  • ... deciding based on evidence
  • ... implementing TPM and compliance programmes

Corporate Intelligence services are necessary when you ...

  • ... want to enter into a relationship
  • ... enter a new market and/or complex jurisdiction
  • ... make an investment or acquisition
  • ... need to better identify and understand your competitors
  • ... need to trace and recover assets
  • ... need to identify, manage and monitor your third parties

RADAR – First see, first move

RADAR is an early warning system which manages a broad spectrum of risks, including financial, regulatory, compliance and reputational risks. Our unique RADAR technology efficiently scans electronic data in different languages, seeking out negative information connected with a company, individual or organisation. Our clients provide us with different volumes of vendor, customer and partner data to monitor on an ongoing basis. Our expert team of analysts reviews all matches that are found and provides a report detailing any relevant risks, threats or vulnerabilities. RADAR also covers key social media channels, which in today’s world is an increasingly important means of identifying risk.

Active RADAR deployments

  • Due Diligence on high-risk third parties, focused on bribery and corruption risk
  • Monitoring risk in complex supply chains, alerting our clients to any potential issues which could cause material disruption or financial loss
  • Cybersecurity threat intelligence
  • Ongoing compliance reviews and enhanced due diligence in the financial services sector, including Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) processes
  • Acquisition target monitoring

How we support companies

Integrity Due Diligence

Know who you’re dealing with

We help clients to be proactive in protecting their brand and their reputation. We research people and companies, producing profiles and running background checks to help clients manage their business integrity and reputational risk. Working on stand-alone projects or high-volume global third-party reviews, we help clients to verify the information they have and to find the information they do not.

Political and Regional Intelligence

View the connected world objectively

We help our clients understand the risks their business faces in a new market and territory, including political and security risks, regime changes and what they mean for business, and threats related to bribery and corruption. We enable clients to identify stakeholders and to define criteria with which to select their local partner.  We support clients in understanding local and international taxation and ensure the validity of export and import licences.

Third-party Management

Ensure compliance and avoid legal fines and penalties

We help our clients to design and implement a third-party management programme, incorporating a robust risk-rating process. We support our clients with continuous monitoring and reporting via a dedicated online portal.

Competitive Intelligence

Understand your environment and a gain competitive edge

We help clients to identify and assess their competitive landscape as well as their competitor’s positioning, partners, influence and weaknesses. We support clients in determining the right strategy to address litigation such as hostile or contested bids.

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