Dr Oliver Hanka

Dr Oliver Hanka

Partner, Cyber Security & Privacy

Munich, PwC Germany

Oliver leads our Industrial and Product Cyber Security team. He has over 15 years experience in hardening embedded systems, OT, enterprise IT as well as development of safety critical systems. He has worked for clients in industries like Energy, Pharma, Manufacturing, Transportation (Automotive, Aerospace, Rail) or Chemicals.

Prior to his work at PwC, Oliver held different positions related to Industrial and Product Cyber Security at G+D Germany, IBM Australia, Airbus Germany/France and ESG in Germany. This industrial experience includes topics regarding enterprise IT, operational technology as well as embedded/product security.

At a glance

Areas of focus

  • Cyber Security
  • Energiewirtschaft
  • Industrielle Produktion
  • Risk & Regulatory
  • Technologie
  • Medien und Telekommunikation
  • Transport und Logistik
  • Product Cyber Security


  • OT Cyber Security transformation journey
  • Maturity assessments & regulatory compliance checks of OT systems
  • Managed service for OT Security functionality
  • Hardening of safety critical infrastructure
  • Product/IoT Cyber Security
  • Cyber Resilience Act

Dr Oliver Hanka

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