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Digital Enablement

How to inspire employees to embrace new technologies and ways of working

A successful transformation needs motivated employees

Today, companies are under pressure to do more and more with less and less. To enable this, many are investing in digital solutions to open up new sales channels, increase customer reach, optimise efficiency, and boost sales and profits.

Do they always succeed? Not by a long shot: according to studies, 75 percent of transformation projects fail to achieve their targeted return on investment. A full 70 percent of these failures came about because the initiatives did not properly manage and integrate a key asset: people.

Inadequate change management can lead to a lack of motivation among employees – while effective change management can empower them to break down old thought patterns and learn new ways of working to fully exploit the potential of new technologies.

How can you manage to get into the successful 25 percent? How can you inspire your employees to shape the digital transformation, and approach the change management process with enthusiasm? PwC's approach to this is called “Digital Enablement”. To learn more about our methods and principles, read on and get in touch with us. 

Animation explaining Customer Centric Transformation by PwC Germany

Successful, field-tested project approach

PwC's digital enablement approach uses innovative methods and learning formats to motivate and inspire employees to learn not just new technologies, but also new ways of working. PwC's Digital Enablement team knows how this works from experience. We have mastered this balancing act globally within our organisation and are now transferring what we learned to clients. In our own digital transformation, we learned that it takes much more than a few training and change management sessions to break down old thought patterns and get fully confident working in new ways with Salesforce. 

We identified key digital enablement tools and methods, which we have distilled into our e.tomics framework – a solution available to our customers now. PwC is proud to be not only a Global Strategic Salesforce Partner, but also one of the largest Salesforce customers worldwide and therefore part of the Trailblazer community. Watch the video to learn more about how PwC has mastered digital transformation.

A tailored transformation strategy

Leading B2C companies like Amazon, Apple and Netflix have been changing our habits for years. Our digital enablement approach and e.tomics framework follow their example, applying B2C best practices to inspire employees as well as customers.

Infographic about Customer Centric Transformation by PwC Germany
  • Every person has different abilities and needs – especially when it comes to how they approach and use digital solutions. Consequently, digital enablement processes should be individually designed – “one size fits all” does not work here.
  • Your employees must see how the transformation initiative delivers meaning and added value to them, on a personal level. Continuous support and communication are crucial here.
  • Team members want to be inspired by leaders and other in-house “influencers”. Above all, this means that executives must live the transition themselves, in an authentic and transparent manner.
  • It is easy to lose people, especially when discussing a topic that makes them uncomfortable. New and exciting forms of learning, training, and engagement are therefore crucial to sparking enthusiasm for change and ultimately enabling a high level of uptake.  
  • Ease of use and intuitive design must go hand in hand. In addition to basic technological functionalities, it is above all the user experience that should be focused on in transformation projects.
  • Change takes time, which is why transformation projects do not succeed overnight. Continuous measurement and assessment of change management processes is crucial, as is patience, dedication, and sustained goal orientation on the part of your managers and employees.

Inspiring training modules in the e.tomics framework

For PwC as your consulting partner, it is a top priority to actively involve your employees in the transformation from the very beginning. This is not just a matter of informing them about the process. It means working constantly to empower them with the help of multifaceted tools to help co-create, adopt and, above all, live digital technologies, transformed processes and new organisational forms. 

PwC's Digital Enablement Framework, e.tomics, offers new digital tools and methods that go far beyond classic change management and are highly technology-specific. The e.tomics framework consists of 18 different modules that can be implemented individually or in any required combination. This modular framework helps you flexibly assemble a state-of-the-art and individually tailored change management program, depending on the transformation phase you are currently in.

Maybe you are currently dealing with a Sales, Service or Marketing Cloud. Maybe you are just starting your project, or are facing challenges in the middle of a rollout. Perhaps your transformation has already been completed but you have not yet been able to maximise user adoption. No matter what phase you are in, our e.tomics modules will help you inspire your employees and live your digital transformation.

If you have questions about our functionalities, best practices and use cases, just give us a call. The Digital Enablement team at PwC will be happy to provide you with detailed information.

Popular e.tomics learning formats

See how PwC's e.tomics framework can be used to accelerate transformations. Let yourself be inspired:

From data strategy to key technologies, our framework allows you to understand and implement what will really drive your digital transformation.

A particularly successful training and motivation format is the Escape Room. It conveys information “playfully” and promotes a high level of participant engagement. In live scenarios, participants have to “escape” from a room in which they have to solve certain tasks in a special system environment (e.g. Salesforce) within a certain time. At PwC, we used the escape room format in our own Salesforce implementation, creating a unique opportunity to learn core functionalities in a fun way. Our clients are also delighted with the cohesive format, the innovative presentation of the content and the flexible applicability.

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Built by PwC on Salesforce Marketing Cloud, this solution drives smart, targeted, and personalised employee engagement. The 360-degree, real-time view of your employees' adoption rates and change progress helps you make successes and weaknesses visible and measurable, allowing you to target further training measures where they will have the greatest impact.

Would you like to learn more? We would be happy to explain the details to you personally.  Contact us!

Encourage learning and adoption of Salesforce in your organisation by making it fun for your employees. PwC's ClientIQ tool is a sophisticated behavioural tracking tool that engages your employees in Salesforce usage. It offers myriad ways to motivate people using point systems, activities, time tracking and more.

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Assess the digital IQ of individuals and organisations in a multi-dimensional way, allowing you to deliver relevant, highly personalised training.

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Perfect consulting partner

The Digital Enablement team is the perfect consulting partner for demanding customers. You benefit from our tried-and-tested expertise in managing interactions between people and technologies. To achieve this, we provide you with our digital enablement experts, who have in-depth process and platform knowledge, whose continuous focus is on linking business benefits and desired user behaviour, and who can implement PwC's proven digital enablement approach with you at national and international level.


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