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Data-based decision-making in marketing and sales processes

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  • 31 Jul 2023

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Challenge & Situation 

Our client is an international FMCG company that is one of the most renowned marketing players in the world. The client was faced with key challenges such as converting custom built software and tools including established marketing processes, organisations and platforms into a uniform standard software. In addition, it was important to obtain data ownership for market research purposes in order to ensure central data processing and a uniform data structure with high quality. Furthermore, the company was faced with the task of rationalising and improving its system capacities in order to build-out huge consumer behavioral driven profiles and activate programmatic campaigns. 

Our approach

With our Marketing and Project Management Expertise, PwC’s main approach was to assist the client by implementing the needed systems and process capabilities to support Marketing and Sales activities to execute excellence. Within our long-term close cooperation, we supported the client in enhancing the above stated business areas and providing closed-loop and future proof system capabilities, incorporating the potential of available data. 

  • Definition of a strategic vision towards the establishment of an end-to-end marketing loop.
  • Transformation of established marketing processes, organisations and platforms into a standard software based on SAP Hybris and Analytics Cloud including rollout, hypercare and further improvement.
  • Integration of historical data from market research among 20 countries for reporting and business planning purposes and long-term insourcing of the occupation, including building and streamlining processes, to attain data ownership
  • Implementation of Data Science operating processes and skills across the organisation
  • Development of a holistic paid, earned, owned and organic campaign dashboard
  • Optimisation existing campaign activation based on the new consumer big data lake by using massive of 1st party data points
  • End-to-end conduction of a best practice evaluation of field service tools that can be deployed both on- and off-premise for the client’s various existing and new field service user groups; from requirements consolidation, use case definition, RFP creation, final decision making to implementation.

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Result and impact

We have accompanied the client for several years and achieved a major, comprehensive marketing transformation. We have also optimised essential sales aspects, so that we have presented a significant added value in the long term that includes all key factors. With our expertise, we were able to improve the client’s Marketing and Sales activities, fueled by data-based decision making from different perspectives. Our engagement supported the customer with the following results in particular:

  • Worldwide integrated tool to use for strategic marketing planning / budgeting, campaign preparation/ implementation and joint performance measurement
  • Integrated market research data and broader data foundation for business planning and reporting.
  • Optimised Marketing Content recommendations and personalisation
  • Huge increase in consumer insights based on +30.000 behavioral attributes
  • Cross departmental exchange based on big data insights and actions
  • Efficient and transparent evaluation process with clear evaluation criteria
  • Defined way forward (PoC execution) with two of six tool vendors

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Mathias Elsässer

Mathias Elsässer

Partner, Marketing Advisory, PwC Germany

Tel: +49 175 5158588