Global CRM Implementation with Employee-centric Enablement Program

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  • 20 Oct 2023

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Jana Kamenik
Senior Manager, Advisory at PwC Germany

Challenge & Situation

Our client Viega develops and manufactures installation technology for plumbing and heating. Viega is worldwide the number one in press technology for metallic piping systems. The company increasingly encountered limitations in optimizing its existing CRM system, which had been heavily tailored to its specific needs over the past 20 years. Many processes lacked global standardization and sufficient standard features, resulting in the need for a technological revamp. This, in turn, hindered employee collaboration and also had an impact on mobile access to customer data.

The goal was to implement a new CRM system (Salesforce) as a key component of the comprehensive digital transformation effort while engaging employees right from the beginning of the project. This approach aimed to ensure that the new system effectively addressed the challenges and streamlined daily operations.

Our approach

As a solid foundation for our collaboration with Viega, we conducted a thorough analysis of the current state at the beginning of the project, including the identification of gaps between the requirements and the existing solution. In combination with various workshops to capture system requirements, we initially developed a minimal viable product (MVP) in an agile project mode. Together with the global template model, it formed the basis for the ongoing development of the Salesforce system during its gradual global rollout.

Simultaneously, we set up a comprehensive enablement program that put the employee at the center of the transformation. This approach enabled us to prepare key stakeholders within the organization for a seamless transition to the new system. The necessary acceptance for the transition was created through targeted communication activities such as videos and personalized newsletters. Furthermore, tailored training programs ensured that affected employees acquired the necessary skills to navigate the new platform environment.

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Result and impact

  • State-of-the-art Salesforce CRM platform tailored to Viega's individual needs
  • Salesforce implementation fostered (global) collaboration across country borders
  • The expansion of functional capabilities, such as mobile work, now actively contributes to the enhancement of sales processes
  • Smooth system transition and very high adoption rates thanks to employee-centric enablement approach

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Jana Kamenik

Jana Kamenik

Customer Transformation, Lead Digital Enablement, PwC Germany