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Mathias Elsässer ist Ihr Experte für Marketing Advisory bei PwC Deutschland

Mathias Elsässer
Partner, Marketing Advisory at PwC Germany
Tel: +49 175 5158-588

The key to marketing excellence

Data is driving rapid change in the world of marketing, reinforcing marketers’ intuition and helping them build unique relationships between customers and brands. The key to marketing excellence lies in breaking down silos and the end-to-end orchestration of processes, organisations and applications. 

PwC’s approach combines business, experience and technology into a unique, globally organised and 100% personalised customer experience. This is why we have combined our consulting and implementation expertise with solutions from Adobe. PwC can support you in strengthening your digital business with next-generation customer experience management. 

Adobe Experience Cloud is an end-to-end marketing technology solution that allows companies to perfectly tailor their activities to their customers’ needs and easily manage the entire customer experience. PwC can help you identify opportunities for improvement and assist you in the entire implementation, from strategy to roll-out. 

We conduct effective planning, examine your challenges and opportunities from all perspectives, and find the answers to questions such as:

  • What are the options for using technology to make your marketing smarter and more customer-focused?
  • How can you break down data silos in your organisation to ensure data flows across technologies and departments?
  • Which insights from your customer data can be profitably used for your marketing planning?

PwC’s experts will support the smooth integration of Adobe Experience Cloud into your existing MarTech portfolio and turn the technical opportunities offered by Adobe products into real-world advantages.

PwC Deutschland wurde von Adobe 2022 mit dem Gold-Status ausgezeichnet.

PwC: a competent and trusted partner

The gold standard from Adobe

In 2022, Adobe awarded gold status for PwC’s close collaboration. We look forward to further expanding our partnership with Adobe in the future, working with a strong partner to support our clients. PwC has already successfully provided clients in various industries with first-class consulting expertise in Adobe Experience Cloud, including applications such as Real-Time Customer Data Platform (CDP), Adobe Journey Optimizer, Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics.

Adobe Real-Time CDP experts

We recognised at an early stage that a data management platform would be one of the linchpins of a digital MarTech stack and made it our speciality. In addition to our numerous client projects in this area, our expertise is also reflected in the fact that we have more CDP-certified employees than any other Adobe partner in Germany

Forrester: top-tier customer experience consulting from PwC

At the end of 2020, Forrester Research released the “Customer Experience Strategy Consulting Practices” report. The result was clear: PwC was ranked as one of the best companies in customer experience consulting. One of the key factors for this was our approach to continuously improving customer experience, which is driven by our BXT framework that enables us to develop tailor-made solutions and deliver real added value for our clients’ digital transformation programmes by looking at problems from three perspectives: business, experience and technology.

Gartner: PwC is a leading provider of data and analytics services

PwC was named a Leader in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant™ for Data and Analytics Service Providers. We help our clients prepare datasets and leverage their insights to make data-driven decisions that sustainably improve business results. In addition to data management, data analytics and data governance, our core skills also include data science and machine learning.

Our services – powered by Adobe

Adobe tech stack implementation

Creating personalised and unique customer experiences across all touchpoints and channels in real time is both a challenge and an opportunity. Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) is a powerful, open system for transforming all your data into real-time customer profiles. The combination of PwC’s consulting experience and industry expertise with AEP enables us to build a perfectly coordinated tech stack by seamlessly integrating all existing technologies into AEP and expanding them with the appropriate solutions. This enables us to help you implement a uniform data structure and taxonomy to link data from different sources.

Target operating model

PwC can assist you in developing an agile target operating model and a global rollout approach, providing support across all phases – from developing a pilot with relevant use cases to implementing a rollout in different regions with market-specific adjustments and providing continuous support for operational use. PwC’s experts have many years of experience with various Adobe programs, allowing us to apply a proven approach that ensures a successful global rollout and sustainable enablement of your employees.


If you want to find out which KPIs are particularly relevant to your business and how to record and consolidate them, you might want to think about a suitable analytics tool. Depending on your needs, the state-of-the-art Adobe Analytics and Adobe Customer Journey Analytics tools could be beneficial for you. PwC can advise and support you with collecting, consolidating and cleaning the relevant data through the use of dashboards and reports to convert data into a comprehensible and user-friendly format, generating real-time insights that help you make data-driven decisions and establishing closed-loop marketing capabilities in your company.

Marketing Planning

Would you like to make more targeted use of your customer data to improve your strategic marketing planning and campaign management? Then PwC’s specialists can offer the support you need with selected Adobe products. Our team will work with you to develop tailor-made solutions to optimise your planning processes and controls, and provide tools to increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. We also use automation and data analytics, allowing your campaigns to be optimally planned and oriented towards your customers, which can achieve long-term customer loyalty and sustainable results for your company.

Creativity and data

Adobe has long been a company known primarily for its creative tools. But Adobe’s new Experience Cloud goes further, introducing a solution that brings creativity and data together. Adobe’s aim is to meet a strong client demand for creative applications with data interfaces. With PwC’s cross-industry consulting experience, we can work with you to discover the potential that immersive technologies like the Metaverse can offer you and your customers. Let’s innovate together and shape tomorrow’s marketing ecosystem.

“As competition increases, it’s important to stop viewing marketing departments as cost centres. They are the starting point of every customer journey and the ultimate driver for optimising business models for maximum performance.”

Mathias Elsässer,Partner, Marketing Advisory, PwC Germany
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Mathias Elsässer

Mathias Elsässer

Partner, Marketing Advisory, PwC Germany

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