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Georg Gütschow
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Your Single 360° Business View for B2B Stakeholders

The majority of customers say that their experience of a company is as important as its products and services. Moreover, self-service capabilities for resolving support issues get higher acceptance than phone or email. Our Digital Experience Portal enables the synergy between your company’s data and personas, generating a 360° business view. PwC’s Digital Experience Portal Building Blocks consists of several tools that design unique experience portals based on personas, processes & data.

“With PwC’s fully-fledged portal view for B2B stakeholders, our platform offers a personalised experience and an easy-to-use interface based on individual preferences, giving end-users the autonomy to identify ways to increase efficiency and measure the benefits.”

Georg Gütschow, Lead Digital Experience Portals, PwC Germany

How will the Digital Experience Portal (DXP) benefit your business?

How will the Digital Experience Portal (DXP) benefit your business?

Know Your Partner
Understand your partner better with sales and service performance analytics, as well as real-time data availability and higher adoption rates to gain relevant insights.

Net Zero Knowledge Management
Reduce your carbon footprint by relying on 100% paperless communications, you don’t need to endlessly print documents for sign-offs anymore thanks to the Digital Printings, Signings and Approvals. 

Digital Asset Store
Register your products in DXP’s Digital Asset Store. It offers not only Smart Asset Management but also IoT Automation Processing which can help and facilitate your processes.

B2B Commerce
Enhance your customer’s commerce journeys by offering a personalized site as well as a dynamic shopping experience. Simplify your processes with the automated sales processes offered by the Digital Experience Portal.

Guided Sales Flows
Benefit from efficient Partner Onboarding Flows and improve your sales processes by routing sales reps and segmenting accounts. And you won’t miss out on opportunities with DXP’s guidance for opportunity success.

Smart Service Centre
Data-driven Chat Agents and Bots facilitate and enhance your customer service. You can use data to improve your service processes and quality with the data-driven service routing as well as keep track of case performance and manage milestones.

Generate Industry-tailored One-Stop B2B Portals for your stakeholders

Automotive (B2B)

The Digital Experience Portal provides Guided Sales Flows for Automotive, as well as a B2B Commerce platform. Benefit from great features like the IoT Automation Processing with the Digital Asset Store. You can also improve and facilitate your customer service with the Smart Service Center.

Finance (B2B)

Simplify and upgrade the sales flows of your finance business with DXP’s Guided Sales Flows for Finance. Your customers will enjoy a unique shopping experience with the B2B Commerce for Finance. The Digital Experience Portal will streamline your processes with the Financial Service Registration Flows and improve your service quality with the Smart Service Center.

Industrial Manufacturing (B2B)

Guided Sales Flows for Manufacturing will support your manufacturing business and facilitate your processes. Create a dynamic and personalized shopping experience with the B2B Commerce for Manufacturing. The Digital Experience Portal provides features such as the Installation Registration and Maintenance. Your clients will also be amazed by your helpful customer service thanks to DXP’s Smart Service Center.

Healthcare (B2B)

Facilitate your sales processes with DXP’s Guided Sales Flows for Healthcare and create an exciting, personalized commerce experience with the B2B Commerce for Healthcare. The Digital Asset Store will additionally support your sales processes with Smart Asset Management and IoT Automation Processing. Furthermore you can upgrade your consumer’s service experience with the Smart Service Center.

PwC’s DXP portal solutions enable customers to respond to rapidly changing market needs

PwC’s DXP portal solutions enable customers to respond to rapidly changing market needs.

Test, Adapt and Scale Quickly
A Ready-To-Use Portal, which can be adapted based on individual customer needs and industry requirements.

Increase ROI
Use Self-Service Components to increase operational efficiencies and generate savings in productivity and IT costs.

Pick and Choose Components
Out-of-the-box industry solutions that can be flexibly integrated with existing Sales/Service/Marketing systems and processes.

Successful End-User Adoption
Partners, Customers and employees identify the benefits of a 360-Degree view of processes and data based on personalized experiences for individual requirements.

Find out more in the DXP whitepaper

Since COVID-19 consumers are increasingly shifting their purchasing decisions to digital channels: The challenge for businesses is to synchronize and deliver seamless customer experiences in a connected portal. 

In this whitepaper, you will learn how PwC can help you implement a “Digital Experience Portal” for internal and external stakeholder collaboration. Additionally, you will get an overview of how you can transfer your existing processes, personas and data into a 360-degree customer portal.

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Georg Gütschow

Georg Gütschow

Senior Manager, Lead Digital Experience Portals, PwC Germany

Tel: +49 151 5635 4941

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