Knowledge transfer

Qualified and motivated employees are crucial to any business. PwC offers seminars for leaders and employees in diverse industries. Subjects range from international accounting to corporate governance and risk management. Participants benefit from the knowledge and experience of PwC specialists, with expertise provided using traditional and electronic media. Along with studies, analyses and commentaries, online tools provide a comfortable avenue for research. With respect to knowledge and knowledge transfer we also support you in the selection of appropriate tools and their application in corporate practice.


Knowledge formats

Library and online tools

We all know what it's like: ten or more newsletters in your inbox every day. Dozens of messages informing you of all the latest developments. The office snowed under with media analyses. And trade journals requiring just as much reading as contact and product lists. How are you supposed to keep track of it all? PwC has the solution.

With an extensive knowledge transfer programme, PwC provides customised information using studies, specialised publications and booklets as well as online knowledge pools. The advantage for users is that they can access precisely the knowledge they need.

One-click studies and surveys

PwC brings out commentaries and industry publications through its own trade publisher as well as regularly conducting market studies and benchmarking surveys on crucial industry topics. These national and international study and survey results can be accessed either in digital or printed form. What's more, white papers, on topics such as the growth markets in China or India, help you get things in perspective. Manuals provide insights into topics such as public-private partnerships. And annually revised publications on tax law, or financial accounting, for instance, keep clients up to date with current developments.

Knowledge online with "Viewpoint" and "PwC Plus"

For fast, easy access to knowledge and information PwC offers two online tools:

  • "Viewpoint" – a comprehensive online database containing information on how to apply international financial accounting standards such as IFRS or US GAAP. With the special feature: PwC staff also access and update this database every day.
  • "PwC Plus Extranet" – a special online service for financial service providers designed to supplement the knowledge provided in seminars and publications. Special feature: PwC uses this database to select, structure and network for users. They in turn can access information on market relevant topics from the areas of banking, insurance, investment management and leasing/real estate at any time.

Knowledge on Knowledge Transfer

Conveying information is one issue of knowledge transfer, the other relates to knowledge itself and the best possible knowledge transfer. "What issues do I communicate in what manner to whom"? Not every tool applies equally well for everything. Someone who wishes to draw up an online organization manual must meet different requirements than a company that searches a work platform for project processing. The expectations of those who process regulatory provisions and standards differ from those of companies engaged in project development. Since a well-functioning tool alone does not enable optimum knowledge transfer, we develop a sound concept and robust workflows together with you. In close cooperation with our people and organization colleagues, we are happy to share our knowledge transfer expertise with you so that you can define the general setting from the beginning.

Do you have any particular questions?

Should there ever be a question the standardised information systems cannot help you with, PwC's specialists are there for you around the clock. They will even bring together the information you want into a personalised newsletter, giving you individualised access to industry knowledge.

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