ECA Feasibility Practice for Capital Projects

15 January, 2018

We analyse the feasibility of capital-intensive projects across a multitude of industries and geographies.

PwC experts offer export credit agencies (ECAs) independent advice on the feasibility of capital-intensive projects across a multitude of industries and geographies. With our comprehensive PwC Feasibility Reports, we are providing ECAs with a reliable and reputable third party analysis on the risk profile of complex project and structured financings. In this way, we give ECAs confidence in their decisions whether to provide export credit and united loan guarantees or direct financing.

Our approach

Our team of experts serves the unique needs of ECAs who are looking to provide limited recourse debt for large-scale infrastructure projects. We assist ECAs not only during the due diligence but also throughout the commercial negotiations of project and financing documents.

We aim at optimising the risk analysis of capital-intensive projects for ECAs by supporting them with the most experienced ECA advisory team consisting of ECA, financial, market, technical and finance and project documentation experts. Our people make the difference: They stand for excellent project delivery capability, quality of service, in-depth documentation related, market and technical as well as financial and modelling expertise. Our approach to problem solving is innovative and unconventional.

Advisory services – as needed

The scope of our assignments can vary: At times, we provide specific advice on narrowly defined financing issues; other projects entail a complete viability analysis of the project from economic, financial, documentation related, market and technical perspectives. Whatever the task, we will benchmark your project against industry and market standards.

Our approach for ECA risk analysis of large capital projects

Benefit from our Know-how and expertise
We are highly experienced experts having supported ECAs in their credit decisions on projects in a wide range of industry sectors and under both common law and civil law systems. Our team specialises in the most pre-eminent areas of global ECA-covered project financings. Based on our economic feasibility reports some of the most important, innovative and complex projects around the world have received ECA cover. Our team has substantial experience in analysing projects that combine different forms of financing involving multi-lateral, developmental and export credit institutions as well as Islamic funding, project bonds and borrowing base structures. We are familiar with traditional and innovative forms of project financings. Our team combines in-depth industry knowledge, market expertise, solutions and strategies.

Profit from our analysis approach and clear recommendations
Understanding, anticipating and satisfying ECAs individual needs is a priority for us. This commitment allows us to deliver an outstanding level of service and trustful collaboration between ECAs and PwC. Every transaction presents unique demands - we work as a team with ECAs, taking a non-legalistic, solution-orientated approach focusing on delivering pragmatic solutions. We analyse the commercial, regulatory and documentation related project risks. We understand the underlying business model and the respective challenges. Our goal is to give clear recommendations and help finding commercially sound solutions.

Rely on our efficient process and coordination skills
We put the needs of our clients centre stage and focus on efficiency. We work constructively and coordinate with ECAs, sponsors, banks and consultants to allocate risks appropriately. Analysing the risk profile from the viewpoint of the ECAs and reaching agreements on issues based on fair burden sharing of risks is our ultimate ambition. Our team members are well aware of key points ECAs have and are best equipped to execute and coordinate both commercial and documentation related workstreams. Our deep knowledge of ECA decision processes and their due diligence requirements enables us to support and advise individual ECAs or a group of ECAs in the best way possible.

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