Financial Modelling & Model Review

15 January, 2018

We provide the full range of financial modelling and model review services for projects across all industries and sectors.

For a complex project to go smoothly, you need a clear view of the bigger picture as well as specific data supporting important details. This is also true for assessing the economic feasibility and expediency of a project. Robust financial models are the indispensable basis for nearly any major transaction. They are key when it comes to in-depth analysis and investment decisions. Whether tailored to a specific project or as a template model serving standard purposes – the financial model is a tool of paramount importance. Why? Because it translates the reality into numbers, metrics and data. It provides the basis to depict the one-off assessment as well as illustrate the development over time.

Our Approach

Experience and best practice
We have been successfully supporting our clients with financial models for many years. We create financial models from scratch, enhance existing models or provide model review services. Our team follows best practice: We combine leading financial modelling guidelines with PwC’s global modelling standards.

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Heiko Lentge

Heiko Lentge

ECA Advisory & Financial Modelling, PwC Germany

Alexander Wuermeling

Alexander Wuermeling

ECA Advisory, PwC Germany

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