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As a multidisciplinary team with experts for innovation, architecture, real estate, change management, technology and law, we are well placed to support your transformation at every stage of your journey – from your HR strategy through the development of suitable staffing and workspace models to on-the-job training.

Recent years have shown that we need to fundamentally change the way we work. We must work in a way that is collaborative, multidisciplinary, and remote, across national borders – and yet work closer together than ever before. Much has been established, but the full potential of these trends is far from exhausted. But how can companies keep up the momentum and shape the future world of work?

Following the experimenting and learning phase, the goal now is to translate all the insights that have been gained into a coherent and sustainable strategy. It is therefore vital to consider the work of tomorrow holistically, across all corporate dimensions, and to drive it forward initially through the management level.

Our Evolution of Work Framework

Reconciliation with individual modes of working

Developing a future-proof HR concept

Create stimulating and flexible working environments

Agile mindset for a sustainable employee experience

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Real-life insight: The Future of Work at PwC

Putting people at the center

It was clear to us from the very beginning that our own transformation should begin with our employees. We therefore evaluated, at an early stage, the needs, desires, challenges and motivations that define the people in our company. We approached this extensive task proactively by applying an open methodology that had two primary objectives: asking the right questions, and listening to what people had to say.

Thinking big

In the next step, as part of our “Future of Work Jam” we asked our employees for their ideas and feedback on a range of problems from the area of new work. Part of the objective here was to define the optimal working week or to design the ideal future workplace. To this end, we have developed accompanying practical insights in order to inspire team members to think big.

Turning ideas into concepts

By using gamification approaches, we were able to recruit more than 4,000 voluntary participants for this initiative. These participants productively took part in the “Future of Work Jam”. More than 370 unique ideas emerged. Supported by 25,184 voters and 3,256 idea-forming comments, expert facilitators scrutinized the suggestions and drove their continued development in workshops.

Benefit for purpose and corporate culture

The insights from the initiative reflect many facets of the new work culture. While the participants valued the individual flexibility of remote work and expect it to become the norm, they also complain about the increased time required for meetings and coordination in general. Nevertheless, one in two participants feels that the corporate culture is changing for the better, while 41% have developed a better feeling for the company’s purpose.

New work: Insights & studies

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What moves workers? What perspectives and needs define them? Our study offers answers and shows what will matter most in the future.

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