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Gunter Lescher ist Ihr Experte für ESG-Fraud bei PwC Deutschland

Gunter Lescher
Partner, Forensic Services at PwC Germany
Tel: +49 151 12198599

Deal with ESG fraud professionally with an independent investigation

Regarding environmental, social and governance issues – ESG for short – a variety of cases of deception, fraud, falsification of documents and other offences are possible – be it, for instance, in non-financial reporting or with regard to target agreements. Professional and court-proof clarification is key in all the cases. We support you with comprehensive expertise in responding to allegations of fraud or non-compliance with legal provisions. As independent advisors, we establish the facts and circumstances of ESG fraud as well as the identities of the perpetrators and other participants or confidants. Apart from providing court-usable investigation results, we help you to develop remediation measures suiting your company.

Our approach to ESG fraud investigations

Investigate the nature and extent of ESG fraud and quantify damages

We use a comprehensive and proven approach to systematically get to the bottom of suspected ESG-fraud cases. The investigation aims to shed light on the type and extent of the alleged fraud, irregularities or breaches of duty in connection with ESG fraud, in addition to quantifying the resulted damages. To do this, we first identify relevant information related to the underlying case and then analyse it before summarising the results. 

Use of computer forensics to follow digital traces while ensuring court usable documentation

Digital traces are difficult to discover. That is why we also rely on computer forensics to secure relevant data. Thereby we ensure the application of forensic best practices to ensure that identified evidence is usable in court. Therefore, we identify and analyse data in IT systems, on computers or mobile devices. With our (AI-based) eDiscovery solutions, we find the relevant information in very large amounts enabling us to even analyse unstructured data efficiently and effectively – for example, by searching and tagging application data, email histories and data on mobile devices.

Consideration of ESG reputational risks arising from business relationships

If required, we assess the integrity of individual business partners and companies to identify potential reputational risks related to ESG arising from business relationships. We compile and evaluate publicly available information to support your fact-based decisions and identify individuals (or groups) involved as well as contextual media coverage.

How we support you in responding to ESG fraud

Results usable in court

We support you in identifying, evaluating and analysing all sorts of information, such as documents and data, and provide you with results that can be used in court (e. g., a forensic report). What is more, we support you in cooperating with judicial authorities and prepare both factual statements and expert opinions.

Conducting interviews

Interviews are often required to fully establish the causes and background of ESG fraud. We carry out all the necessary steps for you, from the preparation to the conduct and documentation of interviews – ensuring to consider labour law and data privacy regulations. You can rely on our experienced and specially trained experts in applying the appropriate interview techniques to identify valuable insights.

Remediation measures

We support you in developing and implementing measures to improve your ICS and/or compliance eco system, such as the introduction or revision of processes and controls to reduce future risks of an ESG fraud case or breach of regulatory requirements.

"ESG fraud hits companies unexpectedly and represents an unknown crisis situation. We react quickly and, thanks to our high level of professional expertise, prepare our investigation results so that you can use them in court, if required."

Tatewik Kunzmann,Senior Manager, Forensic Services, PwC Germany
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Gunter Lescher

Gunter Lescher

Partner, Forensic Services, PwC Germany

Tel: +49 151 12198599

Tatewik Kunzmann

Tatewik Kunzmann

Senior Manager, Forensic Services, PwC Germany