How data is revolutionising the marketing world

How can we separate our strategic target group into segments and reach them effectively? How should we allocate our marketing budget to maximise return on investment? Which marketing channels and content are worth investing in? How can we gain insights and appropriate recommendations from our data?

Marketing has to respond to these key questions. This is nothing new. What is new, however, is the approach to these tasks. Digitalisation makes it possible to take important decisions based on data.

The digital transformation of marketing

Data-driven marketing (DDM) is one promising, technology-based approach. It concerns the capture, analysis and use of data to optimise ongoing campaigns continuously.

In the minds of many marketing specialists, data-driven marketing has the reputation of approaching a creative discipline in a very technological manner. But data-driven marketing is much more than technology. The approach helps companies learn more about their customers and better understand their needs. It gives companies the opportunity to address their target groups more personally and to improve the customer experience. In addition, data-driven marketing makes it possible to measure performance more accurately. This creates a basis for continuous improvement – for example, by optimising target groups or tailoring measures to the customer in a more targeted manner. The goal is to increase customer focus and creativity.

The “ma.tomics”-Framework

The “ma.tomics” framework helps with the intellectual process of breaking down the complex marketing world into smaller component parts. These can be areas such as marketing strategy or campaign management, or anything from pricing or performance measurement to linking marketing and sales. The advantage of this approach is that companies can reduce complexity by addressing each topic successively and separately.

Case Studies

A leading manufacturer in the beverage industry

Strategic definition and implementation of a data-driven marketing concept, identifying the necessary marketing and IT processes and anchoring the new outlook within the organisation. How can marketing-relevant insights be gained from the mass of customer data and information? Focusing on data also means cultural change within the organisation, and we have guided our client through this process.

The challenge

Our client focuses on content and storytelling in its marketing. Its brand’s social media presence is among the largest and it is a global leader when it comes to hosting exciting events. These activities provide various points of customer contact outside the actual retail sales process. We are able to collect data that allow us to compile user profiles and analyse consumer behaviour at all touchpoints. Our client was faced with the task of building its future campaigns on a data-driven basis.  

The solution

  • Optimisation of existing campaigns based on the rich consumer information captured at the various touchpoints
  • Implementation of company-wide operational data processes
  • Development of a clear dashboard for campaign analysis
  • Roll-out of an ad server

Added value

  • Improved click-through rate, resulting in lower budget spend per campaign
  • Optimised recommendations for communications content and personalisation
  • Increased consumer insights based on more than 30,000 behavioural attributes
  • Exchange of information on data analysis and derived recommendations across divisions, as opposed to silo thinking
  • A shared taxonomy for consumers and products for better communication within the organisation

A leading start-up in the automotive industry

We helped our client build one of the first agile data-driven marketing organisations. This enabled the company to establish itself as a leading start-up in the automotive industry.

The challenge

Our client wants to position itself as a pioneer in e-mobility. Without the right processes and structures in place, the client is unable to scale its marketing measures to build a strong brand.  

The solution

  • Development of a holistic and global marketing approach, from strategic planning and the automated creation and execution of campaigns (paid, earned, owned) to KPI definition and performance measurement
  • Implementation of a data-driven, agile marketing approach, embedded in marketing automation software, throughout the entire marketing lifecycle
  • Implementation of a data management platform (DMP) for building knowledge about target groups and optimising marketing measures
  • Development of a roadmap for scaling our client’s marketing using PwC’s “ma.tomics” framework
  • Continuous optimisation of marketing activities via an agile marketing approach
  • Standardised and organisation-wide data and segment taxonomy
  • Provision of the necessary systems, tools and processes, as well as support for the organisation

Added value

  • Structured global marketing alignment within the organisation
  • Increased marketing transparency as a result of the measurability of marketing efforts
  • Increasing planning accuracy and thus increased marketing efficiency
  • Ability to scale the marketing organisation as a basic requirement

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