Your experts in the field of industrial production

Industrial production is at a turning point. Driven by digital transformation, the shift towards sustainable production, and the need to strengthen global supply chains in a rapidly changing geopolitical landscape, the German industry is undergoing a phase of profound change. In this dynamic environment, the experts at PwC Germany act as your navigator and innovation partner.

Our experts in management consulting, auditing, and audit-related services offer you a wealth of knowledge and experience. Whether it concerns tax, transaction, process, or crisis consulting, our team possesses cross-industry expertise to guide your company through the challenges of the present and the opportunities of the future.

Bernd Jung, Leiter Praxisgruppe Industrielle Produktion

Bernd Jung

Leader of the Industrial Production Practice Group
Tel: +49 170 2238402

Dr. Martin Nicklis, Director im Bereich Engineering & Construction

Dr Martin Nicklis

Director in Engineering & Construction
Tel: +49 170 6375125

Dr. Jan H. Wille, Partner im Bereich Aerospace & Defense

Dr Jan H. Wille

Partner in Aerospace & Defense
Tel: +49 170 2238898

Michael Thon, Partner im Bereich Sustainability

Michael Thon

Partner in Sustainability
Tel: +49 172 8814582

Michael Weiss, Partner im Bereich Strategieberatung

Michael Weiss

Partner in Restructuring
Tel: +49 160 6996082

Tobias Blaser, Partner im Bereich Deals

Tobias Blaser

Partner in Deals
Tel: +49 151 65759394

Thomas Grammel, Director im Bereich Tax

Thomas Grammel

Director in Tax
Tel: +49 170 7856700

Michael Preiß, Partner im Bereich Assurance

Michael Preiß

Partner in Assurance
Tel: +49 175 9367279

Leonardo Weiss, Partner im Bereich Cloud & Digital

Leonardo Weiss 

Partner in Cloud & Digital
Tel: +49 160 4007015

Hans Joerg Kutschera, Partner im Bereich Strategie und Operations

Dr Hans Joerg Kutschera

Partner in Strategy and Operations
Tel: +49 170 2238556

Dr. Kai Dresch, Partner im Bereich Einkauf

Dr Kai Dresch

Partner in Procurement
Tel: +49 172 3220119

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