Metaverse-Enabled Agility

New ways of agile value creation and deep collaboration

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Philipp Sostmann is Manager at PwC Germany

Philipp Sostmann
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Our metaverse spaces enable business agility to flourish in a tailored immersive environment

Successfully implementing business agility requires a high level of complexity and collaboration between all stakeholders. The COVID pandemic is changing the way we collaborate as meetings shift from face-to-face to virtual. This increases employee flexibility, but at the same time hinders efficient deep collaboration, decreases relationship closeness and social presence.

Metaverse collaboration platforms enable new levels of efficiency, transparency and collaboration in agile work environments. Customized virtual spaces enable efficient agile meetings supported by integrated tools like JIRA. Collaborating in a virtual campus - literally side by side - greatly increases transparency and allows us to overcome the physical constraints of the real world.

Especially in agile environments, where interaction and collaboration are crucial, the metaverse provides the perfect platform for redefining agile ways of working.

What does our virtual agile campus offer?

Our metaverse agile collaboration spaces are a scalable showcase for Metaverse-Enabled Agility (MEA). The agile work campus is designed to facilitate collaboration and promote agile ways of working while leveraging advantages of the metaverse. It can be accessed via Mixed Reality headsets, which are the most immersive way, as well as more traditional options such as web browsers. To meet the specific needs of scaled agile ways of working with a focus on the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®), we have customized the following areas.

Our virtual agile campus

Teams productively operating in metaverse-enabled agile spaces report:

  • reduction in social distance
  • better team atmosphere and team feeling
  • increased focus on relevant content
  • increased creativity
  • enhanced communication

Our agile collaboration spaces in detail


The central marketplace is the starting point through which all participants access the metaverse collaboration platform to enter all other rooms. In addition, this space is used as central marketplace for information and team successes stories as well as central main stage for System Demos.

Team Territory

The teams’ safe space with access only for the agile team. This rooms includes boards for Iteration Planning, Reviews, Retros and Backlog Refinements.

Daily District

This environment is intended for conducting dailies. The metaverse collaboration room allows all the team's dailies to be conducted in one room, with each team having its own audio zone. After the dailies, interactions and alignments between teams are simplified due to the conduction in the same room. Easily walking over to the other team after the daily is now possible.

Sync Square

The perfect place to facilitate Sync meetings of Product Owners, Architects, or Scrum Masters. A small presentation stage and separated side rooms to place information regarding the respective Sync meeting compliment the room. Additionally, there is room for risk and impediment boards.

PI-Planning Plant

Finding a suitable location for PI-Planning is a significant challenge. Our virtual PI-Planning Plant meets all requirements for a successful PI-Planning: it has spaces for breakout rooms, presentation areas and space for risk boards, retros, etc. This venue is therefore also optimal for the Inspect & Adapt Workshop the day before the PI-Planning.

Training Town

The training ground is optimized for conducting small interactive training sessions. It is also ideally suited for alignment sessions with the Lean Agile Center of Excellence (LACE).

Advantages of our agile metaverse campus

  • Proven good-practice environment and ready to use for scaled agile implementations e.g. SAFe®
  • Increased overall alignment by design through e.g. a daily space for all teams to meet efficiently 
  • Increased transparency through improved communication and easier access of meeting facilities
  • Tailored spaces to meet the needs of agile meetings such as PI plannings, syncs, etc.
  • High level of flexibility in tailoring and adopting spaces
  • Professional tool-based execution with e.g. JIRA
  • Increased workforce flexibility as fewer physical meetings are required
  • Reduced carbon footprint due to elimination of travel

Metaverse Enabled Agility

Unlocking new ways of agile value creation and deep collaboration.

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“Agile frameworks and their implementations are limited by the tools available. Using the Metaverse enables deeper collaboration and unlocks higher levels of productivity.”

Philipp Sostmann,Manager at PwC Germany
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