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David Rouven Möcker ist Ihr Experte für Real Estate Consulting & Transformation bei PwC Deutschland

David Rouven Möcker
Head of Real Estate Consulting & Transformation at PwC Germany
Tel: +49 175 2928-906

We transform the real estate industry

The real estate industry is essential for the Federal Republic of Germany as well as the European Union. It is an important component for the strength and growth of the economy and provides society with living and working spaces. With around 650 billion euros, the real estate industry contributes around 20% to the total gross value added in Germany.

There is a lot of movement in the real estate market: Demand for properties continues to rise, user requirements and needs are becoming more complex, existing properties of all types of use must be managed professionally and efficiently, return expectations remain ambitious, and the requirements for the sustainability of real estate portfolios are increasing rapidly.

Together with our customers, we develop strategies and suitable business models with the aim of positioning their real estate management in the best way possible. In particular, we focus on organisational and process-related changes resulting from digitalisation, regulations and ESG matters.

Our approach

Institutional quality and industrial strength for professional real estate management

We advise our clients within a worldwide network and experienced national interdisciplinary teams. We offer holistic solutions on a global and local level and comprehensive expertise in all types of use from residential, office and retail throughout to real estate operators and specialists.

As the real estate industry becomes increasingly dynamic, demands for transparency and efficiency in the management of real estate assets are rising. In particular, the request for clarity and comprehensibility is becoming more stringent for investors, owners, users, authorities, and lenders.

Real estate companies must meet these demands in order to adapt their planning and control, management concepts, organization, processes and systems, purchasing strategies and personnel to these requirements to offer market-oriented and competitive services and strengthen their competencies.

Our services at a glance

Strategy and organization consulting

With our experience from a wide range of industries, we are ideally positioned to advise our clients on strategy and organizational issues related to real estate management. Among others, this includes the following services:

  • Development of tailored real estate strategies
  • Development of a fund, investment, and sales strategy
  • Advice regarding new markets, products and trends
  • Organisational and process consulting (including reorganization and outsourcing) 
  • Optimization of portfolio management 
  • Consulting on property management & facility management services and contracts

ESG & Sustainability

Sustainability is no longer a new trend as it has reached all industries and sectors, including the real estate industry. In particular the real estate sector is nowadays a significant driver of CO² emissions and thus a major lever to achieve the goals set by the federal government. 

To overcome these challenges, we support our customers to create transparency in this complex structure and give tailored advice – including the definition and implementation of regulatory requirements.

Further, we focus on the development of a sustainable strategy within different levels such as company, product or assets. As baseline we set up the regulatory requirements such as taxonomy and disclosure regulation and relevant national and international guidelines to achieve a successful implementation. During the whole process we support our clients with tailored processes in order to have an efficient operationalization phase.

The PwC tool “Green Real Estate Reporting” offers exclusively for our clients full transparency on the most important sustainability indicators during operations. With these insights, decisions for investments, and optimization processes can be met even more precisely.

Digital Real Estate

In the area of Digital Real Estate, our consulting services are holistic and encompass the entire life cycle of real estate, which includes the following consulting services:

  • Assessment of the digital status quo as well as the possibilities for the use of new technologies (“Digital Use Cases”)
  • Selecting, implementing and consulting on real estate ERP systems
  • Consulting and selection for the implementation of complementary applications, including portfolio and asset management as well as risk, compliance, and valuation tools
  • Screening and selection of complementary PropTech and ConTech solutions to meet individual customer requirements
  • Front-to-end data collection for customized data use in a digital ecosystem

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New Work – Office of the Future

With an interdisciplinary team of real estate experts, architects, change enthusiasts, technology specialists and legal experts, we advise our clients on the evolution of work and the office of the future. 

We can present a wide track record of helping clients in various industries in order to restructure their workforce strategy. We help to transform workforce and workplace models with focus on the employees – if necessary we even support the change of mindset of an entire organization. We leverage our own history and combine it with unique assets and tools to help companies create effective workplaces.

This includes the following consulting services with a focus on real estate management:

  • Analysis of the current workplace and spatial layout
  • Determination of individual customer needs
  • Individual design of flexible and hybrid workplace models
  • Development of workplace and utilization concepts, tailored to the corporate culture and specific requirements
  • Development of individual occupancy planning
  • Implementation support and relocation planning through project management

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Clients, who are regulated according to AIFMD, KAGB, KWG or other regulations are supported by PwC regarding the complex implementation of national and international requirements. As a highlighted feature, we can support you as one firm with our X-Los teams regarding every topic, which includes:

  • Advice, support, and assistance in licensing procedures (obtaining, extending or returning licenses) 
  • Support in special regulatory audits 
  • Consulting on analysis, design, and implementation of solutions in connection with new regulatory requirements

Risk & Compliance

The demands on risk management of capital management companies have been significantly increased due to the introduction of the AIFMD, the KAGB as well as the accompanying regulations in KaMaRisk and other national requirements. Since then, we have been supporting our clients and offering solutions for:

  • Development and optimization of risk strategy
  • Analysis and optimization of existing risk management system 
  • Implementation of new risk management and compliance structures e.g., according to IDW PS980 and IDW PS981
  • Support with certifications (e.g., ICG) 
  • Support with special audits and insourcing of internal audit services

Project Management

Our world is becoming increasingly complex and, especially in large transformation projects, a great number of service providers are involved to achieve the best possible results. 

The coordination of the different work areas and sub-projects as well as the neutral view on the interdependencies is often not compatible with the daily business of our customers. With our experience, especially in the field of implementation and construction supervision, we act as a connector to manage your project in such a way that risks are limited, opportunities are exploited and project goals are achieved qualitatively, on time and within the budget.

Our customer groups at a glance

Residential construction and real estate companies

Industrial companies / corporate real estate

Municipal real estate management companies

Alternative asset managers

Facility management and property management service providers

Capital management companies and AIFMs

Project developers of real estate and infrastructure

Depository institutions

Airports and infrastructure companies

Our studies

“Climate change, inflation, supply bottlenecks and a shortage of qualified staff: the challenges are huge, in particular for the real estate industry. We are happy to support you and work with you together to develop innovative solutions along the entire value chain.”

Sebastian Kreutel,Partner at PwC Germany
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David Rouven Möcker

David Rouven Möcker

Partner, Head of Real Estate Consulting & Transformation, PwC Germany

Tel: +49 175 2928-906

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Sebastian Kreutel

Partner, Real Asset Financial Services & Sustainability Consulting, PwC Germany

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Julian Hagenschulte

Head of Digital Real Estate and Construction, PwC Germany

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