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Digital Transformation of the Real Estate Industry.

The future is now: Digital transformation with PwC’s Digital Real Estate Ecosystem

Real estate companies have to question not only if, but also when and how to commence initiatives to adapt for the digital transformation. The establishment of a vital innovation culture is the precondition for digitalization. PwC supports you to design a successful digital transformation journey. Considering the three perspectives Business, Customer-Experience and Technology (BXT) our interdisciplinary team unifies sector and technology expertise to transfer your business successfully to the digital age.

Collaborating with PwC, you can rely on a sparring partner for the digital transformation covering all stages from strategy to execution. In doing so, we can estimate the impact on your business and operating model and help you to build a digital ecosystem.

Digital done differently.
Your PwC Real Estate Team

Think Tank – Get RE@di!

The auditing and consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and the digitalisation company EVANA AG have joined forces to launch a think tank on the digital transformation of real estate companies. Under the slogan “Get RE@di!” (Get Real Estate digital!) the two companies will pool their expertise in transformation consulting and artificial intelligence.

PwC’s Digital Real Estate Ecosystem

The combination of a flexible platform and artificial intelligence creates an ecosystem that transforms Big Data into Smart Data and provides the digital real estate manager of tomorrow with real-time analyses as well as automated workflows – anytime, anywhere.

Is your company RE@di? 

  • Is data entered manually?
  • Would your investors like real-time access to their investments?
  • Are you satisfied with the consistency of your real estate data?
  • Would you also like to have a road map to the Digital Asset Manager?

If you have answered at least one question with "Yes", we will be happy to assist you!

Please contact us directly and get informations about a free workshop.

Rethink what exists. Make tomorrow.

Strategy, not technology drives digital transformation. How can digital solutions look like? Which technologies enable them? Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Robotics are more than buzz-words for us.

Künstliche Intelligenz

Artificial Intelligence in Real Estate

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence, computer systems are able to understand, learn, think, plan, and correct themselves.

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Drones in Real Estate

Drones dramatically change the recording of high-quality data, which allows faster and better decisions.

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality in Real Estate

VR is a computergenerated 3D simulation of an environment, for instance a building or product prototype.

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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality in Real Estate

Augmented Reality enriches our real world impression with virtual information.

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Internet of Things

Internet of Things in Real Estate

Physical and virtual items are connected via internet and communicate with each other to collect and exchange data.

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3D-Printing in Real Estate

3D-Printing is a fabrication method where material is added layer by layer to design a 3D item, based on a digital construction model.

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Blockchain in Real Estate

With this technology, users can verify transactions without a central certification provider.

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Robotics in Real Estate

Robots or virtual agents adopt physical or virtual human activities via information technology.

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User Interfaces

New Consumer Interfaces in Real Estate

Users can interact with computer systems via a variety of input devices and software. Recent trends include chat bots and communication platforms.

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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing in Real Estate

Cloud Computing enables location independent provision of IT-infrastructure, platforms, and applications via internet.

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Unearth the value. Make way for what’s next.

The ongoing development of technologies is constantly evolving and the next wave of innovation is not far away. What is the most important trend? Out of the combination of the eight essential technologies new applications are emerging which are more efficient than the sum of its parts – systematic masterpieces. Explore the five most important topics of the future and their significance for the real estate industry.

Embodied Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is unavoidable and is continuing to keep its pace. Through the combination of AI and IoT with drones, robots or 3D-printers artificial intelligence is embodied.  “Embodiment” is based on the belief that intelligence needs a body which is physically interacting with the real world. For the real estate industry, this will involve for example systems that are able to repair themselves. Drones will be able to follow moving objects autonomously and 3D-printers recognize on their own when to adjust a printing process automatically in order to print more affordably.

Intelligent Automation

The trend of intelligent automation is a combination of artificial intelligence and robotics process automation (RPA). RPA started with the rationalization of processes to minimize costs. The next step of this automation is now approaching. The consequences will far exceed cost savings and will lead to higher quality with fewer mistakes. The way transactions are executed will be revolutionized. Asset, Property and Facility Management are only three of the fields where the trend will be present.

Automating Trust

Through the combination of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Blockchain arises the power to automate the trust of actors in a network or action. The result is a fixed supply chain, which captures conditions with the aid of intelligent sensors and blockchain and can be applied for the construction industry. For instance, the combination of these technologies enables the tracking of products such as harmful asbestos-containing garbage. The duly and secure disposal is comprehensible at any time.

Conversational Interfaces

Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and Robots have already brought immense changes to the real estate industry on an individual basis. The combination of these technologies takes it even further. The next generation of interfaces shall enable seamless interaction with technological systems by imitating real persons mechanically. The idea hereby is that the communication is not taking place through clicking on symbols or entering syntax-specific commands. Slack’s Slackbot is a great example: a chatbot who is acting like a real user in every Slack team and used for everything, from the integration of new users to working with a notepad. In the real estate industry, this conversational interface will specifically change the contact to customers, especially in Property Management.

Extended Reality

Extended Reality (XR) represents the continuum between simple, digital overlappings and completely immersive digital experiences. XR covers everything: Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. The true strength of Extended Reality is released when it is combined with the Internet of Things. The challenges of the individual technologies are removed through XR. For instance, shadows of objects, which are not shown in AR, will be visible through XR – allowing the users to experience it as real as possible. These simulations have beneficial effects such as the optimization of manufacturing processes, fighting fire or the repair of complex machines. The construction industry and Facility Management will profit the most from XR.

“In our Experience Center we determine the degree of innovation and digital fitness of companies. We derive where the greatest potential for business and operating models lies in the new technologies.”

Susanne Eickermann-Riepe,German Real Estate Leader at PwC

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