Non-audit services

Non-audit services by experts from PwC ensure confidence and security. With their specialist knowledge, and on the basis of their sector and trade expertise, our independent specialists evaluate and report on the correctness of information or the suitability and effectiveness of processes.

Irrespective of whether you are compiling information for groups of clients inside or outside your company – our non-audit services increase your security. That strengthens confidence and provides competitive advantages.

Companies are having to face an ever-increasing volume of mandatory assurance engagements such as the one prescribed by the Packaging Ordinance. An appropriate audit by PwC's experts gives you that satisfying feeling of not have stepped over the "red line".

Assurance of differing circumstances is provided between companies, as well as for their investors, shareholders and even their stakeholders: these include interim balance sheets for purchase contracts, appropriate profit forecasts in corporate reporting, adequate controls in service centres and sustained development. Non-audit services by PwC experts and the reports they issue signalize and confirm to those concerned the reliability of the other parties involved.

We tailor our special services to suit your needs – depending on the information concerned, the level of reliability you require and the expectations of the recipient for whom you intend or are having to provide this information:

  • Assurance engagements:
    We draw up a clearly formulated opinion of the information, processes or systems you have engaged us to evaluate. In the course of our comprehensive and thorough engagement, we naturally take into account all respective assurance standards.
  • Agreed-upon procedures:
    We perform specifically and task-related individual procedures on aspects that you need to know in detail, for example for strategic decisions in your company. We provide you with detailed reporting and objective findings – a reliable basis on which you can make your decisions.
  • Expert reports:
    On your behalf, we analyse circumstances, information and procedures. With due care and attention, we weigh up the pros and cons and present you with a well-founded and conclusively derived expert opinion with regard to your individual questions.

With our personalized service, we are able to help you provide your reporting and communications with the confidence and reliability that you wish to project. We help you to meet the greater and constantly rising demands that are being made on corporate communication. After all, we are well aware that not only is a great deal more being published and communicated these days; the contents have also changed.

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