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With our Risk & Regulatory case studies, you not only gain a deep understanding of the complexity of challenges but also have the opportunity to learn from proven strategies and innovative approaches.

Discover how PwC assists companies in understanding their risk profiles, complying with regulatory guidelines, and establishing robust governance to secure success in an increasingly regulated business world.

Case Study: Security audit for large health insurance company

Our task was to perform a security assessment of a mobile application for patient data of a renowned German health insurance company − with the aim of ensuring compliance with all gematik requirements, meeting deadlines, avoiding potential penalties, and establishing transparent and seamless communication.


Case Study: Incident Response Management in a Ransomware Crisis

Our client, a large privately owned logistics company with a significant customer base, faced a severe ransomware attack in early 2022. The hacker group encrypted critical corporate data and threatened to release it, endangering not only ongoing operations but also the company's reputation as the incident gained significant media attention. To overcome this challenge, our client sought a comprehensive solution.


Case Study: End-to-end Security Transformation for a Pharmaceutical Company

Our client, a pharmaceutical company, faced growing security concerns due to security incidents, third-party threats or a limited and inconsistent IT architecture. To effectively protect its valuable intellectual property and highly sensitive data, the company opted for a comprehensive security transformation.


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