SecurityBridge and PwC Germany: Strong combination for your SAP security

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Daniel Peisker
Senior Manager at PwC Germany
Tel: +49 171 1825482

SAP Security Excellence with Management Expertise and Cutting-Edge Technology

The joint approach of SecurityBridge and PwC combine management, compliance and process expertise with cutting-edge technology to continuously reduce risk exposure, optimize SAP security investments and enhance security performance. 

SecurityBridge is a leading platform provider for SAP Security Solutions and PwC Germany provides leading consulting services for SAP Security. Customers can benefit from the partnership by obtaining a seamless integration of technology-enabled, and sustainable SAP Security practices. These solutions enable timely, effective, and efficient response to complex and evolving security challenges of SAP environments.

“A proper and sustainable management of Security Risks in SAP is not a one-time exercise, but requires continuous management, monitoring and adjustment. When implementing necessary management structures and processes, our partnership with SecurityBridge enables us to bring a solution to our clients that supports with automated and thereby efficient measures.”

Carsten Crantz,Director SAP Security at PwC Germany

“We’ve built the SecurityBridge Platform to serve as a foundation for a holistic SAP security approach. Combining this technology with PwC’s consulting services creates a unique offering for SAP customers seeking for a tailored roadmap to improve and upkeep their security posture and maturity level.”

Christoph Nagy,CEO of SecurityBridge

DSAG Annual Congress

Meet us from 19.09. – 21.09.2023 at the SecurityBridge booth!

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Carsten Crantz

Carsten Crantz

Director, PwC Germany

Daniel Peisker

Daniel Peisker

Senior Manager, Cyber Security & Privacy, PwC Germany