General tax advisory services for businesses

Good, accurate and rapid tax advice is only possible with the most up-to-date information, experience and knowledge. Businesses need a competent partner if they are to keep their tax situation under control.

Tax legislation is continually changing. Businesses need to be aware of every changes if they are to benefit from privileges whilst meeting their legal responsibilities. PwC's tax experts know the new laws and regulations and provide pro-active advice to businesses.

PwC's client service partners are the contact persons for businesses on all tax questions. They advise and assist their clients over a period of several years and become familiar with the business and its tax situation and management systems. They help to ensure that global compliance obligations are met and coordinated in a well-organised manner, relieving the pressure on management, technical and administrative staff.

Acknowledged experts support businesses on all aspects of complying with national and international documentation requirements, such as for transfer pricing, Legal requirements are met, the planned tax position is properly documented and penalties are avoided.

A summary of PwC's tax services

  • Ongoing tax advice encompassing all current developments and their consequences for the business
  • Set-up and implementation of payroll accounting
  • Drafting year-end accounts
  • Drafting tax returns
  • Review of tax assessments
  • Tax audit support
  • Support on appeals in and out of court and correspondence with tax authorities
  • Advice on changes in legal form
  • Tax charge comparisons
  • Advance clearances and rulings from the tax authorities
  • Advance pricing agreements
  • Help in meeting all tax documentation requirements
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