Advisory services on tax planning and restructuring

Taxes are part of a business's accounts, affecting both profit and the financial position shown by the balance sheet. They should therefore not be viewed as separate from the financial statements, but rather as one of the central indicators used to run a business.

Nowadays, planning stability is of vital importance for a company's tax department. This need is in direct contrast to the continual change to the tax statutes and to the increasing complexity of tax documentation.

Tax planning is far from being just a matter of accounting considerations in a single country. These play a role, of course, but the effects of adjustments in one country on the accounts and ratios in another cannot be ignored. This is even more true of organisational and structural planning. Choosing the right legal form for the given function can be as important as setting the right structural and organisational background for the given transaction flow. Calling in PwC can infuse a project with the knowledge borne of wide national and international experience needed to design policies and systems to meet the demands of today and tomorrow.

PwC's advisory services in tax planning and restructuring:

  • Tax strategies and their impact on cash and book taxes alike
  • Holding companies to optimise the corporate structure
  • Optimisation of the funding
  • Implementation of measures affecting profit
  • Tax loss utilisation
  • Tax planning during corporate reorganisations
  • Advice on European law with especial reference to ECJ cases
  • Planning and implementation of measures to reduce the overall corporate tax rate

PwC specialists advise businesses with care and circumspection, not least with an eye to the future. Clients can then react rapidly to developments as they occur.

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Klaus Schmidt

Klaus Schmidt

Partner, Global Tax and Legal Managed Services / Alliances Leader, PwC Germany

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