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The pressure on companies to consistently improve performance is greater than ever before. Surveys have shown that the results of change processes are expected today in half the time as they were three years ago. Nevertheless, it is not only the competition that drives businesses to constant realignments and performance improvements. The demands made by the various stakeholders and regulators have also increased: they are calling for greater influence on the manner and method in which results are achieved.

All of these external and internal-based demands on the performance of an organization have their ultimate source in the efficiency and effectiveness of the workforce. It is not the organisation that performs and changes something: it is their individuals, their people, their employees who form, influence and deliver the performance of an organisation.

Employee high performance with constant change

PwC helps companies to find ways to qualify and motivate employees for a consistent high performance in a market driven situation of continuous change.

The strategic services of PwC focus on the question: "What is the content of value-adding human resource management?". We advise companies on the following questions and assist them with the implementation of mutually achieved results:

HR strategy

The basis for the development, definition and implementation of the HR strategy has to be the corporate strategy. Human resource management can only provide added value to a company's success if the HR strategy is linked with the corporate strategy and gives the frame for the HR functions and topics. PwC advises companies on the development, definition and implementation of the HR strategy.

Talent management

With an effective talent management, companies ensure that all critical positions and roles within a company are occupied in the medium and the long term with the right persons from a strategic point of view. PwC assists with the development of the appropriate talent strategy, the analysis, definition and implementation of processes and tools and the design of the corresponding IT processes and solutions to find, keep and win the right talents.

Performance management and remuneration

Performance management is an important component in order to measure added value and define and achieve requirements in the form of goals. In this way, employee performance contributions can be differentiated and evaluated. PwC assists companies with the development of a suitable performance management system (linked with development and remuneration components) as well as the planning and implementation of processes, systems, tools and the appropriate IT.

Workforce planning and management

The correct planning and management of workforce quantities and qualities in relationship to the respective demands by the corporate strategy are an important factor for the success of achieving corporate objectives. PwC assists companies among other things with the preparation of analyses of workforce levels and requirements and concepts for recruitment and personnel development, as well as the implementation of working time systems and change management measures.

Strategic workforce solutions

Companies have to constantly ask themselves if they are, strategically, correctly positioned with their workforce structure in order to be able to meet market demands in future as well. The manifestation of characteristics such as demographic change, diversity or qualification in the workforce structure is of decisive importance for a company's success. PwC assists with the analysis, definition and implementation of the needed workforce solutions (such as ageing workforce).

Training and learning

In order to achieve a lasting implementation of change, employees have to develop new skills and abilities through focused training strategies and professional solutions. PwC assists among other things with the analysis, design and implementation of learning and personnel development strategies, processes, functions and systems.

Knowledge management

Knowledge management focuses on developing critical knowledge within a company and making this available on a cross-departmental and cross-national basis for the best possible achievement of operative and strategic targets. PwC assists companies among other things with the definition of a knowledge management strategy, modelling and optimisation of knowledge management processes and the choice of appropriate technology.

Change management

Today, the flexibility and the ability to perform sustainable change is a critical factor for companies in the global competition. Critical to success is how fast and how well employees adapt and align to new business goals and strategies. PwC supports companies to bring change measures and initiatives to success with appropriate methodologies and tools.

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