Business Analytics: Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics and Big Data

The digitalisation of the economy and Industry 4.0 are driving data growth across the board, both in the sphere of new data-driven business models and also as part of horizontal and vertical digital business processes. From supply chain to quality and product optimisation on the shop floor through to the customer journey – only those who can make use of the advantages of the associated flood of data will remain competitive in the long term.

Data and the information derived from it continue to form the basis for targeted strategic and operational control and supervision of companies. Corporate decisions depend directly on the quality and structure of the data base and the efficiency and usability of data management and analysis systems. With Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics and Big Data, we are providing you with the technological resources to extract information from your data to allow you to make viable and sustainable decisions.

In practice, this leads to a number of questions:

  • How can company reporting and other analytical processes be designed efficiently and flexibly so they can adapt to changing external and internal requirements?
  • What influence do Industry 4.0 and the IoT (Internet of Things) have on my information landscape?
  • How can information be provided without additional manual intervention?
  • How can data management and data analysis systems be introduced efficiently and in a manner that stands up to audit?
  • How can one ensure there is comparability and consistency of diverse information in a company?
  • How can data quality be made measurable and improved in the long term?
  • How can the use of data be fully developed for strategic targets as part of digital transformation?

PwC supports and advises companies on all questions relating to the management of data and analytical systems throughout their whole life cycle:

Data strategy

Development of a comprehensive strategy for storing and evaluating all the data in the company, also taking account of Industry 4.0, IoT (Internet of Things), and business and operational data.

This also comprises the standardisation of data and information models, homogenisation of system environments and introduction of an organisational framework to ensure standards are maintained in the long term.

Business Intelligence (BI)/Data Warehouse

Introduction and optimisation of data warehouse solutions and other BI applications to control companies, including management reporting, budgeting applications, standard and ad hoc reporting as a basis for continuous control and important decisions.

Data analysis

Use of Advanced Analytics to evaluate large volumes of data, support business analysis and prepare model projections for the future.

To us, advising also means in-depth technological expertise

We have experienced, certified advisers available to facilitate the competent technical implementation of technically demanding solutions, e.g.

  • SAP Business Warehouse, SAP HANA, SAP HANA Live, SAP S/4 HANA, SAP Simple Finance, SAP Business Planning & Consolidation, SAP BusinessObjects, SAP Predictive Analytics, SAP Integrated Planning, SAP Disclosure Management
  • Microsoft Office (Self-Service & Predictive Analysis, Data Visualization, PowerPivot), Microsoft SQL Server (DWH/Big Data, In-Memory BI/PowerView, Reporting & Analysis, Data Integration/Master Data Services), Microsoft SharePoint
  • IBM Cognos TM 1, IBM SPSS, IBM Cognos 10 B, IBM Cognos Express, IBM Cognos Controller, IBM Cognos Insight
  • QlikView (incl. NPrinting, Expressor), QlikSense & QlikSense Enterprise, Qlik Analytics Platform

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