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Turan Tarhan ist Ihr Experte für Software Asset Management bei PwC Deutschland

Turan Tarhan
Director at PwC Germany

The cornerstone for your digital sustainability in future

Software licences now count among the most valuable assets within modern IT landscapes. Licence requirements nevertheless change constantly and quickly. Models and metrics are becoming increasingly complex due to, for instance, software as a service, cloud computing, dynamic scaling and other disruptive market developments. This also means rising requirements for software asset management (SAM). Software assets can entail significant financial, legal and potentially reputational risks for companies. With our advisory and related managed services, we will assist you in making sure that IT assets (including software and right-of-use assets) are dealt with comprehensively and securely while also achieving cost savings.

“With our holistic SAM approach, we will optimise your organisational arrangements for software asset management as well as your software licence portfolio. We will help you achieve complete transparency with regard to company-wide software assets, compliance with terms of use and effective cost control.”

Turan Tarhan,Senior Manager at PwC Germany

PwC’s SAM approach: from determining the status quo to contract negotiations

Correct and sufficient licencing is the decisive prerequisite for licence compliance at your company. To ensure this, companies must maintain a clear overview of their IT environment, which generally requires the use of tailor-made technical solutions. Complete transparency regarding all IT assets simultaneously makes it possible to identify potential optimisation measures within the IT landscape. Companies can realise significant cost savings through the needs-oriented use and cost-efficient allocation of IT assets.

PwC will assist your company in safeguarding its business interests throughout all phases of software asset management – from organisational structures and the reliable gathering of commercial and technical data through to subsequent advisory services in relation to contractual negotiations. Our objective is to pinpoint the precise needs for software licence assets at your organisation in a holistic manner and to ensure the resulting value contribution is sustainable in future.

PwC’s Software Asset Management approach

Overview: our services for your software asset management

With the assistance of our market proven framework, we will evaluate your organisation’s maturity and guide you to the next level. To do this, we analyse your established processes, individual software portfolio and IT contracts and prepare manufacturer-specific licence inventories. In so doing, we take account of licencing models, commonplace pitfalls and risks as well as accounting and management dynamics among customers. These are the key factors for fresh negotiations with IT providers, achieving savings and ensuring successful results in audits. We will also assist you with the selection of a needs-appropriate SAM tool as well as the related IT services.

PwC’s Software Asset Management team Germany

With its SAM Managed Services, PwC provides assistance with selected tasks as a service:

  • Based on your wishes and requirements, our tailored managed services can assist your in-house licence management in a highly targeted or holistic manner.
  • The types of assistance that could be agreed upon include , for example, continuous inventorying of commercial and technical data as well as cost optimisation for selected software producers or the entire software asset portfolio.
  • The PwC SAM Center of Competence and Service Delivery Center allow for the appropriate scaling of human and technical resources so that companies can be assisted in accordance with their needs.
  • PwC’s managed services facilitate the continuous improvement of your individually tailored target maturity level while simultaneously increasing cost efficiency and reducing risks, thus enabling your company to focus on its core activities and business goals
PwC Software Asset Management - from project to service

The more complex any IT infrastructure is, the more difficult it becomes to identify possibilities for optimisation. This can result in rigidly siloed structures in account and service management, the scattering of SAM competences and insufficient risk awareness. With the assistance of our technology-based SAM I/O Analytics, we help our customers to overcome these challenges by using a rapid, adjustable, ready-to-deploy and data-based procedure. We will assist you in the consolidation and analysis of your data as well as with the identification of suitable measures.

PwC’s Software Asset Management - I/O process

The success of any M&A transaction is contingent on having precise knowledge about the risks and assets of the entity being acquired. Nevertheless, higher audit risks and consolidated licence agreements and claims need not be viewed as governance obstacles as they can provide an opportunity to optimise the software portfolio of the target company. We will assist you throughout all the stages – from due diligence and carve-out through post-merger integration.


Developing the right awareness is absolutely essential for effective software asset management. Only in this way can companies ensure that SAM processes are adhered to by the entire organisation and IT service providers and that appropriate optimisation measures are implemented in an effective manner. We empower licence managers in getting to grips with their day-to-day business through hands-on tool training and awareness workshops that are perfectly tailored to your strategic or operational requirements.

“Concealed possibilities for optimisation exist within your IT and software assets. With our tried-and-tested and structured best-practice approaches, SAM Advisory & Services from PwC will enable your company to tap into these opportunities and thus ensure the resulting value contribution is sustainable.”

Turan Tarhan,Senior Manager at PwC Germany
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Turan Tarhan

Turan Tarhan

Director, PwC Germany

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