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Increasing cost pressures, takeovers, amalgamations, new competitors, the proliferation of regulations and rising expectations of yield - companies are currently faced with ever more stringent requirements. These changes have implications for the organisation of a company, as well as the processes and systems that are used. PwC can help companies to optimise their processes.

The massive pressure of change that results from globalisation and regulation represents a burden for all companies and organisations. The speed of change is increasing all the time.
PwC can help companies to reduce costs and boost the efficiency of their business processes, without in any way neglecting corporate governance or compliance and security issues.

Here are a few examples:

  • Increased efficiency:
    Globalisation, a focus on the capital market and corporate governance factors make it ever more imperative that a company's processes should be efficiently managed. PwC develops customised solutions to ensure that a company's organisation, processes and systems are coordinated in the best possible way. PwC's experts work with companies as auditors or consultants to develop solutions that will speed up and simplify business processes and ensure effective implementation. PwC offers professional and methodological expertise for the optimisation of accounting processes, as well as the operational sequences in other areas. With innovations such as the SSCLifeCycleAnalysis, a selective analysis of the development status of Shared Service Centers, PwC regularly develops new solutions in order to assist companies in overcoming the challenges they face. The end result: stable and cost-effective processes that boost the competitiveness of the company.
  • Optimisation of IT management:
    In practically all industries, IT is an essential strategic factor for success. PwC's experts analyse the internal and external IT requirements, identify the potential for improvements in the IT architecture and support companies in formulating and implementing an IT strategy. PwC also advises companies on all IT issues in relation to such themes as innovation, performance improvement, standardisation, operations and corporate governance.
  • Successful planning of restructuring, mergers and similar transactions:
    Corporate restructuring, mergers and takeovers are increasingly frequent nowadays. Most of these organisational changes, however, fail to achieve the intended results or are only partially successful because the complexity of the integration process and the amount of work involved have been underestimated. PwC supports companies in the integration of corporate processes, organisations and systems. In this field, all departments and divisions of PwC work hand in hand with the company in an interdisciplinary way.

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