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02 December, 2021

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Jacek Drozak ist Ihr Experte für die PwC Procurement Academy

Dr Jacek Drozak
Director at PwC Germany
Phone: +49 172 3823-925

How to prepare your purchasing teams for the future of procurement

Cut costs, find suitable suppliers and digitize procurement processes: Those are currently the big hurdles that the purchasing departments of many businesses are facing. How can organizations prepare their procurement teams to successfully manage those tasks?

The PwC Procurement Academy helps organizations of all industries and sizes to sustainably educate their procurement teams and ensure deep-dive knowledge transfer. With a diverse offer of different methodological approaches covering a wide range of specialized topics, your purchasing teams will expand their knowledge portfolio and optimize their working methods and outcomes.

The PwC procurement Academy is focused on selected future topics of procurement, such as digitization, sustainability and transformation. Aspects like game theory in awarding or advanced negotiations are also part of our training agenda.

“Modern procurement must be oriented towards future topics, which determine the success or failure in purchasing.”

Dr Jacek Drozak,Director at PwC Germany

Focused on your individual industry and knowledge level

Inflexible training structures and general standard topics are outdated. The PwC Procurement Academy takes an individual approach to focus on the industry and knowledge of its participants. 

Impulse discussions, best-practice speeches, trainings, workshops, courses and coaching build the foundation of our best-in class Procurement Academy. With our selective approach, we offer a highly efficient and effective framework for educating your procurement teams.

Customized learnings for maximum return on investment 

Impulse discussions and best-practice speeches introduce you to one of our focus topics. Trainings and workshops offer application-based learnings with an in-depth introduction into the theoretical and practical knowledge of our experts. High-impact customized learnings ensure the maximum return on investment for procurement departments.

The PwC course offer provides an extensive learning pathway for your employee development. At the end of each training, all participants receive a certificate. The competency-based program offers the best practices, benchmarks and market knowledge required to advance the career of your employees.

Our 1:1 coaching and mentoring program provides leadership and executive employees with an experienced sparring and discussion partner.

The PwC Procurement Academy is based on six pillars

Impulse Discussion

Our 1:1 impulse discussion provides an in-depth debate and analysis of your procurement department centering around a topic of your choice. In an initial discussion, our dedicated experts elaborate together with you the application of the focus topic and its benefits for your specific use case.

With an individual and hands-on set up we jointly create first valuable insights, inspire your procurement department and reveal possible areas of improvement, which you may not have discovered yet – all of this is free of charge.

Best-practice Speech

In an advanced presentation, one of our academic experts will introduce the theoretical background of one of our focus topics to the audience.

These exclusive lectures given by a professor or methodology expert offer you in-depth insights into their extensive experience and comprehensive theoretical and technical know-how.

Focus Training

With our extensive training offer, we provide a wide range of theoretical approaches and methodological backgrounds. In these one- to several-day trainings we either focus on theoretical knowledge, practical experience or combine theory with practical views including best-in-class industry examples.

With our virtual and on-site trainings, we are able to effectively train up to 20 participants during one session. Choose between general training modules, specific in-depth trainings or an individual curriculum especially tailored to industry needs and existing procurement knowledge in your team.

The trainings are led by one of our experts with extensive training and coaching experience.

Workshops and Camps

During our workshops, we devote ourselves to enable you to perform at your peak. Joint practical application of theoretical knowledge and a best-practice comparison open up pathways for an improved skillset and specialized knowledge basis within your procurement team.

Based on current critical situations and procurement structures in your organization, we develop an individualized workshop structure on specific subtopics or a general tailor-made workshop structure for your procurement team. The live environment including joint interactive exercises and problem-solving sessions will leverage your learning experience.

Our highly focused workshop will offer the maximum benefit for your procurement team in delivering sustainable results and creating a landscape of positive change. In our camps, we offer intensified full weeks with a mixture of theoretical trainings and interactive workshops to transfer the full scope knowledge.

Academic Courses

By joining one of our courses, your procurement team will acquire substantial knowledge and solid internal know-how on different levels and areas. In a tailored program with a blend of workshops, trainings, course materials and knowledge transfer sessions, your employees will develop a deep understanding of a focus topic and be able to transfer the learnings to their day-to-day job.

Small groups with no more than eight to ten participants ensure the maximum benefit for each attendee and the maximum outcome to satisfy your business demands.

Our intensified two-hour sessions every other week guarantee a continuous professional skill and knowledge development alongside the daily workload. After successfully conducting the three to four-month program all participants receive a PwC participation certificate.

Coaching and Mentoring

Our personal Coaching and Mentoring program is especially created for leading and executive employees. It provides a one-on-one expert sparing on the job to support strategic decisions in crucial situations and enhances a sustainable self-development.

This leadership and executive coaching ensure the anchoring of prior learnings, a substantial knowledge transfer into the culture of your business and provide a second perspective on strategic decisions.

“Business development in times of digitization is characterized by fast and exponential change. Therefore, we base the PwC Procurement Academy on a lean and powerful concept enabling us to always match our client’s needs and contribute to further developing their procurement departments.”

Dr Jacek Drozak,Director at PwC Germany
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