Real estate valuation

The value of a property depends on the possibilities for its future use. Interdisciplinary PwC teams are on hand to determine real estate values and draw up value management systems and valuation processes, giving their support to organisations on all real estate issues.

A more exacting competitive climate, concentration on core business areas, and quantitative and qualitative changes in business locations all have an influence on the value of properties at ever-shorter intervals.

Geared to the demands of the market

The valuation teams at PwC have been adapted and specialised to meet the demands of the market. They will draw up or rationalise individual and portfolio valuations for:

  • National and international transactions
  • Balance sheet (e.g. German Commercial Code, IFRS) and tax purposes
  • Portfolio taxation and decisions on individual cases
  • Different sectors and market participants

Over one hundred seasoned experts

As well as industrial organisations, banks and insurance companies, our clients include property funds, real estate and housing companies and public authorities. PwC's real estate services are backed by over one hundred seasoned experts from a wide variety of specialist fields: property managers, bank specialists, economists and business managers, lawyers, chartered accountants, tax advisors, building engineers and architects, town planners and mechanical and environmental engineers.

PwC experts evaluate:

  • Real estate
  • Machines and facilities
  • Community assets
  • Soil and property contamination by harmful substances
  • Infrastructure and networks

All evaluations are in accordance with national and international systems.

In addition to the valuation of assets, PwC specialises in developing and setting up evaluation management systems.

All our services are provided in the context of the worldwide PwC information network - an increasingly attractive benefit for companies active in the global economy.

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