Security and compliance

As a result of dynamic competition, internationalisation and the growing density of information, it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify problems in companies. Only companies with consistent and proven structures and processes can detect weak points at an early stage. PwC uses the most up-to-date methods for a rapid and efficient analysis of business processes, so that they can then be adapted to actual requirements.

Regulatory impositions like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act or Basel II, not to speak of the need to comply with international accounting standards like IFRS and the headlong pace of technological change, compel companies to check and adapt their systems and processes continually.

The implementation of business process controls and internal controlling and supervisory systems can ensure that all requirements are complied with. Breaches of regulations can result in harsh penalties, and inefficient processes are detrimental to the market position of a company. PwC's experts are familiar with the requirements involved and can offer customised approaches to a solution.

Compliance does not have to be complicated

With the help of our own methods and those currently in use on the market, we are able to integrate the plethora of regulatory requirements with a company's systems and processes - efficiently and intelligently. PwC's holistic approach ensures that the many items of information required for compliance are transparent and available for controlling purposes. The outsourcing of business functions calls for the definition, establishment and supervision of reliable control structures in the companies involved. Only then is it possible to guarantee secure and efficient processes at cross-company level, while adhering to statutory requirements at all times.

When it comes to the specifics of a particular industrial sector, PwC can rely on a great many specialists with wide-ranging project experience. For our clients, this ensures security and compliance with regulations through transparent and controlled processes that run smoothly and securely - giving companies a distinct competitive advantage.

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