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How to manage and optimise your marketing ecosystem holistically with data

Companies that create data-driven marketing ecosystems can reach the right users at the right time on the right device and create individualised customer experiences.

PwC can support you with integrating Google Marketing Platform (GMP) into your existing systems. We work at the intersection of technology, business and experience to innovate, increase your revenue and reduce costs. We combine our technical and strategic skills with GMP solutions to deliver digital marketing success for your business. Together, we can select the ideal marketing tools to combine the strengths of ad technology, analysis and control for your company.

We support you with using data profitably, optimising end-to-end marketing processes and turning campaigns into customer experiences. Our teams work at your side every step of the way, whether it’s a question of defining your marketing strategy, implementing and integrating end-to-end marketing, or data management and campaign measurement.

PwC’s GMP experts are here to ensure that your company gets the greatest possible benefits from the Google Marketing Platform product range.

Our services at a glance

MarTech stack strategy

Our specialists will support you in determining objectives and selecting the appropriate tools. Using our experience and expertise in marketing technology (MarTech), we assist you with performing analysis, developing your strategy, and designing your architecture, allowing you to optimally integrate GMP tools into your architecture to enable data-driven marketing.

Targeted technical implementation

Proactive and expert implementation and configuration is essential for you to be able to work smoothly with Google Marketing Platform tools, especially if you want them integrated into an existing system such as Google Cloud Platform or Salesforce. Throughout this process, PwC is your reliable global partner, helping you get maximum return from your MarTech investment.

Enable your teams

Google Marketing Platform enables you to increase the speed and efficiency of your processes and put insights into practice immediately, boosting customer loyalty in the long term. As a result, multiple employees in your company will use the modules with very specific objectives, but for this to work, every employee will need basic knowledge as well as specific insights on an individual level. PwC’s GMP team supports you with tailor-made training, be it individual, in a group, on site or online – all according to your company’s needs when it comes to providing your employees with the ideal skillset. 

How we increase the benefit you get from GMP tools

Google Analytics

Find out more about customers and users

Google Analytics enables you to get a comprehensive picture of users visiting your website. PwC will set up the application for you so that you can easily measure the performance of your content and products, and conveniently process, evaluate and share the data, and provide up-to-date and transparent insights in a single tool.

You’ll get access to meaningful statistics and machine learning algorithms, while the system is also compatible with Google’s advertising and publisher products.

Google Data Studio

Gain insights from data to make better decisions

Data Studio allows you to connect and examine data in just a few easy steps. The tool equips you with interactive dashboards and comprehensible reports, to help you make better decisions. Data Studio also provides extensive visualisation options. 

But that’s not all: Google Data Studio has a native connection to the entire Google Marketing Platform and other external sources.

Google Tag Manager

Optimise analysis and tracking

Once set up, Google Tag Manager allows easy and reliable editing of all your tags – no programming knowledge required! This tool offers flexible options for adding and updating your own tags for purposes such as website analysis or conversion tracking. Tag Manager is particularly useful for overarching activities such as:

  • Seamless linking of Google and third-party tags.
  • Interaction of various security mechanisms guaranteeing functionality of all your tags.

Display & Video 360

Gain a full understanding of the media mix

Display & Video 360 enables you to combine your entire media mix in a single tool, providing a one-stop shop for managing your programmatic campaigns across displays, video, TV (digital), audio and other channels, allowing your teams to collaborate more efficiently. PwC ensures that you always have an overview of how your budget is being used and where your ads are being served. Our teams are also happy to help you set up machine learning, a practical smart feature which automates tasks such as placing and optimising bids.

Google Campaign Manager

Manage and optimise campaigns across channels

Google Campaign Manager allows you to manage your campaigns across channels and optimise the performance of all media assets and creative. Transparent information about your paid media campaigns is available at all times thanks to comprehensive analysis of measured values. 

Other advantages include:

  • All ad formats hosted in one system.
  • Linking with other Google products optimises workflows and collaboration between different teams.

Search Ads 360

Take search engine marketing to a new level

PwC enables you to easily manage, automate and optimise your search engine marketing campaigns with Search Ads 360. This tool works in real time and across different search engines, enabling you to manage ads across Google Ads, Bing Ads and Baidu, and access integrated real-time bid management capabilities. Ads can even be created automatically based on rules, while our teams stand ready to support you with the setup and management of automated ads.

Google Surveys

Get answers to questions about customer needs

Google Surveys help you better understand what your customers want. Simply design your survey the way you want it and get relevant answers in no time. Google finds participants based on your desired target group, with results presented as graphics and diagrams to make data interpretation easier. PwC’s certified experts can advise you on how to formulate the right questions to get useful answers.

A real-world case study

A successful quartet of tools for analysing and optimising a website

PwC deployed four GMP tools for a client project involving the relaunch of a sales website. Our team provided the client with specialist support from the beginning, and empowered the client’s employees to effectively use the tools at their disposal.

The first step involved implementing Google Tag Manager, which enabled low-code integration of different tools into the website via a central point. Our team then installed Google Analytics and configured it to meet the client’s needs, including setting appropriate targets. This implementation now enables tracking and analysis of customer behaviour and relevant KPIs.

To make it even easier to gain insights from the data, PwC set up automated reporting with Google Data Studio. Visualising the data with meaningful funnels and bar charts made it possible to clearly present all relevant KPIs. Based on the results of the analyses, our team formulated ways of optimising the client’s website. The next step was to conduct A/B testing with Google Optimize and link it to Google Analytics so that we could continue to consolidate our analytics data into a single source of truth.

This laid the technical foundation for continuous data-driven optimisation of the website, which took the form of an analytics cycle. In addition to high-performance GMP tools for your marketing stack, experience has shown that it is a good idea to keep an eye on Google Cloud products to optimise collaboration – both internally with your employees, and externally with agencies and customers.

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Mathias Elsässer

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Tel: +49 175 5158588

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