PwC’s “ESG Reporting Manager – CSRD”: Tool-supported reporting based on the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS)

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Our solution for efficient sustainability reporting

The Corporate Social Responsibility Directive (CSRD) and the associated European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) require reporting along the entire value chain based on double materiality and multiple mandatory disclosures. These sustainability standards require a large number of data points to be collected from various source systems before they are linked for calculation.

PwC provides a comprehensive overall understanding of the underlying CSRD methodology and how to link the various data sources, as well as best practices regarding KPI calculation.

We deliver dedicated content packages for the quantitative metrics as well as the qualitative requirements of the ESRS, using predefined data models, KPI calculations and connectors to ensure legally compliant and audit-proof CSRD reporting.

The joint collaboration between PwC and SAP enables you to use the full functionality and power of the SAP Sustainability Control Tower (SCT) for your individual sustainability reporting. In addition, we enable data-driven decision support through comprehensive analysis and evaluation functions.

PwC wins the prestigious SAP Innovation Award in the Partner Paragon category for the second consecutive year with the “ESG Reporting Manager – CSRD.” This solution leverages SAP technology to provide clients with an efficient way to meet CSRD and ESRS requirements, supported by data-driven decision-making.

PwC’s ESG Reporting Manager – CSRD

Master the complexities of CSRD and European Sustainability Reporting (ESRS) effortlessly. Benefit from automated KPI calculation, seamless SCT integration, and data-driven decision support with customizable dashboards in SAP Analytics Cloud for robust Controlling, Steering, and Reporting.

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Successfully mastering the requirements of the CSRD and the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS)

According to a survey by PwC (Global ESG Operations Survey), many executives of large companies believe that superficial measures are not enough to remain competitive. Companies need to transform their operations to meet multiple ESG standards. This includes integrating sustainability aspects into all areas of the business (end-to-end), from supply chain management to energy efficiency, waste reduction and responsible resource use. The CSRD and the recently published ESRS require companies to publish regular reports on their environmental risks, challenges and opportunities, and on the impact of their actions on people and the environment.

The time for implementing the legislation is short, as the standards – depending on various size criteria – are to be applied for the first time as early as financial year 2024, i.e. for the annual reports to be published in 2025.

In addition to the integration of ESG into the existing IT landscape and integration into ongoing IT transformation projects, the following points in particular pose challenges for companies:

  • High complexity due to a large number of different data points and new types of key figures to be reported in accordance with the ESRS
  • Timely and time-consuming implementation of requirements in processes, data and IT systems
  • Ensuring audit-proof reporting (incl. quantitative and qualitative disclosures)
  • Lack of expertise in the implementation of CSRD requirements

What does our solution offer?

  • ESRS-specific content packages extend the SAP SCT database with predefined data models and metrics for automatic KPI calculation
  • Collection of qualitative information via standardized forms and workflows enables holistic CSRD reporting (incl. IROs)
  • ESRS-specific dashboards enable deeper insights and data-based steering through comprehensive analysis and evaluation features
  • Use of our solution as an interim scenario until the transition to S/4HANA Cloud and SAP Sustainability Control Tower (RISE)

The key product features of the “ESG Reporting Manager – CSRD”

From data collection and harmonization to reporting and analysis

The “ESG Reporting Manager – CSRD” supports everything from data collection and harmonization to reporting. It combines access to content developed by PwC within the SCT platform with automated retrieval of data from various sources via SAP Datasphere. In addition, this variant includes PwC's complementary content packages in SCT, allowing you to leverage advanced analytics applications in your SAC environment. This provides a holistic solution for customers looking for a robust ESG reporting and analytics platform.

Analytics via SAP Analytics Cloud

The SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) offers a wide range of control and analysis functions, which thus significantly expand the scope of CSRD-based evaluations and visualizations in the SCT. The seamless import of analyses and dashboards predefined by PwC into your SAC environment provides comprehensive options for data-based control.

Data integration via SAP Datasphere

By using SAP's advanced Datasphere, we are able to offer a defined data model while seamlessly integrating your own disparate data sources. In most cases, this process requires a separate consulting project as the data sources and filtering must be individually defined and customized.

CSRD reporting via SAP Sustainability Control Tower

The “ESG Reporting Manager – CSRD” rovides you with the essential content to meet the regulatory requirements of CSRD. This includes a seamless integration of the content curated by PwC experts into the SCT, enabling efficient ESG reporting within the SCT platform.

Collection of qualitative information via SAP Build

To ensure comprehensive reporting, the “ESG Reporting Manager – CSRD” includes standardized and intuitive forms and workflows – developed in SAP Build – for the collection of the required qualitative information.

This enables the combination of quantitative information and qualitative descriptions resulting from general and topic-related standards and thus leads to holistic and comprehensive ESG reporting in accordance with the CSRD.


PwC supports you in mastering the challenges of CSRD reporting. With our professional and technical expertise, we jointly reduce the complexity of data collection and meet CSRD reporting requirements. We offer comprehensive solutions, including predefined data models and calculations that ensure compliant and audit-proof reporting. 

Our collaboration with SAP extends the capabilities of the Sustainability Control Tower and enables fact-based decisions through powerful analytics. Trust PwC to help you meet regulatory requirements and unlock the benefits of transparent and effective reporting for your business and stakeholders.

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“Companies striving for long-term competitiveness must take a close look at the impact of their business activities on the environment and society. Consider sustainability not just as an obligation or a mere reporting issue, but as an opportunity to shape the future of your company through comprehensive strategies.”

Gunther Dütsch,Partner, Sustainability Services at PwC Germany
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