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Gunnar Hasselmann ist Director im Bereich Pension Consulting bei PwC Deutschland

Gunnar Hasselmann
Director in the Pension Consulting division at PwC Germany
Tel: +49 175 1280616

Company pension benefit plans require specific expertise

Many companies already offer their employees various pension benefit plans. Due to the increasing strategic importance of company pension benefit plans, many employers are introducing new models or redesigning their existing pension commitments. The most suitable design of such pension landscape depends on the individual requirements and philosophy of the company.

Our Pension Consulting experts offer companies targeted support that is tailored to their individual requirements and needs using a modular approach. We perform an analysis of the existing company benefit plans, adapt them and, if necessary, design new models and strategies for the pension landscape and their financing.

“Benefit plans should support the strategic, financial and HR objectives of the respective company and be in line with its vision and values.”

Gunnar Hasselmann,Director in the Pension Consulting division at PwC Germany

Our experts are characterised by creative skills and specific know-how from auditing, actuarial valuation as well as knowledge of the market. We also draw on the appropriate specialists from the national and international PwC network to master industry-specific and macroeconomic challenges. Feel free to contact us at any time. PwC is always there for you.

Our services

We support you with the analysis and prepare an economic appraisal.

We analyse your company pension system for efficiency, transparency and market conformity.

Together we tackle the financing and structuring of pension obligations.

We accompany you through the entire outsourcing process.

We find the ideal system for employers and employees.

We evaluate potential service providers based on clear standards and requirements.

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What we also offer you

Feasibility studies

The feasibility studies carried out by our pension experts include a benchmark-supported inventory, the presentation and analysis of financial and strategic risks and the development of options for action in connection with the optimisation of pension provision. Our experts analyse different scenarios independently and comprehensively. They take the technical, economic, and legal framework conditions, including their risks and opportunities into account. As a result, a feasibility study provides our clients with a concrete decision-making aid on how they can achieve their short and long-term goals.

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Valuation of pension provisions

Pension obligations and the corresponding plan assets must be quantified annually in financial reporting. Our team supports you in determining these key balance sheet figures. We are also happy to help you gain a more precise overview of your pension landscape and future expenses, for example by preparing short or long-term forecasts.

Transaction services

Our multidisciplinary team supports you with many transaction services, including complex ones. These include an analysis of the pension obligations via pension due diligences and implementing accounting processes at the respective acquiring company or the new owner. We also provide support in integrating acquired benefit plans or trust models into the absorbing system. Even if you are looking to sell a subsidiary or go public, we will be happy to advise you on the possible carve-out of pension obligations.

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Gunnar Hasselmann

Gunnar Hasselmann

Director, PwC Germany

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Dr. Bernd Hackenbroich

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