Financial Model Expertise

15 January, 2018

Strong financial modelling expertise meets comprehensive ECA advisory experience

Financial models are the basis of nearly any major project. They are key when it comes to in-depth analysis for investment and lending decisions.

PwC offers a team of financial modelling specialists who are both experts for export credit agencies (ECA) as well as IT specialists. We apply the best practice techniques while working on and analysing complex financial models: from sensitivity analysis to stand-alone tools applicable for complex Monte Carlo simulations and solid stress-testing methods estimating project risks.

Our approach

We use methods that go beyond standard data analysis and allow us to simulate and forecast crucial financial model parameters. Our goal is to provide ECAs with reliable results and an expert opinion on the commercial risks of a project. Identifying key model triggers such as price, cost, volume and demand forecast assumptions, are crucial success factors for any large-scale international project. They also form the basis for calculating the sizing of cash sweeps, liquidity reserves or contingency levels. We focus on identifying those triggers, benchmarking and analysing them with best practice methods.

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Heiko Lentge

Heiko Lentge

ECA Advisory & Financial Modelling, PwC Germany

Alexander Wuermeling

Alexander Wuermeling

ECA Advisory, PwC Germany

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