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Peter Kopizenski
Partner at PwC Germany

Providing top-quality data to your new system

Our Data Validation Solution (DVS) is a versatile and intelligently designed tool for data validation. This means that the conventional and error-prone process of manually validating data is no longer necessary for migration projects. With the DVS, it is instead possible to validate data completely automatically and in near real time. For you and your company, this brings about enormous advantages relating to time, quality, legal concerns, staffing and financial costs.

“Our Data Validation Solution brings data validation into the 21st century.”

Peter Kopizenski,Partner at PwC Deutschland

The smart solution for data validation


Our Data Validation Solution significantly accelerates data validation processes.


The tool is flexible and can process data from a wide range of systems.


Data validation is fully automated – not manual.


The tool can be easily adjusted and can therefore always be reused at your company.


Data validation can be certified under ISAE 3000 and is in compliance with the GDPR. 

Data validation process

Conventional manual data validation versus automated data validation using the DVS

Experience shows that most companies are still performing post-migration data validation manually using Excel. This is the case regardless of whether global players, large companies or medium-sized enterprises are concerned. As a result, data quality in the new system often leaves more to be desired because assessments are based merely on random testing – especially in the case of larger data volumes.

Companies that use the Data Validation Solution can benefit from significant advantages at this stage in the process. This is because 100 per cent of the data is systematically checked with a view to both completeness and correctness. The assessment takes place in near real time based on preconfigured validation rules. These mapping and migration rules can be easily adjusted based on individual requirements. In addition, a rapid revalidation is possible should any need for correction arise.

Data Validation Solution - PwC

The Data Validation Solution brings together five business advantages within a single tool

Time advantages

Data validation is accelerated by as much as 70 per cent

How you can save valuable time:

  • Manual comparison of data sets is 100% eliminated.
  • The validation detects inconsistencies in near real time so that they can be immediately corrected.
  • The tool can be quickly and easily readjusted to be reused in future projects.

Quality advantages

The highest standard of data quality is ensured

How quality advantages are brought about:

  • All datasets are assessed – including those from differing systems.
  • Data is assessed with a view to completeness and correctness.
  • The process workflows can be optimised as part of validation projects.
  • The transferred data sets are available in a correct and usable form within the new system.

Compliance advantages

It is possible to certify the correctness and completeness of the data that has undergone migration

The legal advantages of migration using the DVS:

  • Validation results can be certified under ISAE 3000 (certificate is recognised for financial audits).
  • Validation is performed on local servers in compliance with the GDPR (USA/Europe/Asia).
  • Data validation is performed automatically by the auditor.

Personnel advantages

Significant savings in human resources mean that employees can be assigned to tasks with greater value creation

How you benefit with regard to personnel:

  • Personnel expenditure is reduced immensely.
  • Employees spend their time remedying errors rather than searching for them.
  • Working hours remain in line with works council requirements (night/weekend work is kept to a minimum)

Cost advantages

Based on our experience, potential savings of approximately 30% can be achieved while also increasing efficiency

Direct costs fall drastically due to: 

  • Lower personnel expenditure
  • As much as 70 per cent lower time expenditure
  • Normal working hours (minimal overtime payments for night or weekend work)

Indirect costs fall due to:

  • Optimisation of data quality and project workflows
  • Auditor certificate and the acceptance of the validation
  • Seamless workflows and processes following migration

“What I love about my work is the way customers always tell me how our DVS has far exceeded their expectations and brought a strong sense of calm and security to their projects.”

Dominik Schelp, Manager – Data Validation Solution


Ensuring that transformation projects are successful 

Data migration projects are critical for success. This is because data is a key asset for companies in the digitalised world of today. This means that migration and validation is extremely important within ERP transformation projects and when switching systems. With our Data Validation Solution, you have both our expertise and the right solution at hand so that you can ensure excellent data quality at all times.

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Peter Kopizenski

Peter Kopizenski

Partner, PwC Germany

Dominik Schelp

Dominik Schelp

Manager – Data Validation Solution, PwC Germany

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Daniel Zeißig

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