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Your process landscape determines which ERP system is right for you

More and more companies are digitalising their processes, making high-performance, state-of-the-art and secure enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems crucial for the finance function of the future. Our clients are looking for ERP software tailored to their company’s requirements, either as on-premises or cloud-based solutions.

We can sit down and talk to our clients about what they really want. Why? As independent advisors we take a consistent approach to our clients: it goes without saying that we don’t just work with companies like SAP, but also with other ERP solution providers, such as Workday, Oracle, Microsoft and LucaNet.

We are the go-to partner if you’re looking to evaluate and select ERP solutions. There may be more than one route to a new ERP system, as determined by the different needs of your company’s departments and IT systems. Our unique selling point is that we take all sides into account during the selection and implementation process for your ERP solution – from stategy to execution. Ideally, we conceptualise the ERP system required as part of a roadmap for digital transformation of your entire finance function.

Many companies and clients are currently contacting us about SAP’s support strategy following its announcement of major system changes, mainly with a view to optimising or replacing their ERP systems. Thanks to our network, we have the capacity to implement standardised solutions and efficiently integrate other areas.

When undertaking digital finance transformation, we always find the right expert for your company based on the requirements for your future ERP system.

Typical baseline situation when implementing an ERP system:

A company is planning to replace its current accounting system with new software in the short to medium term to make IT support for business processes future-proof and scalable.

The key goals will generally be meeting the specific requirements of accounting, ensuring compatibility with other software solutions, improving transparency and control, and increasing flexibility in terms of future company development and growth processes.

The services we provide to our clients

We create a shared understanding between stakeholders and the project team around project goals and the associated change processes within your company. This includes advance planning of timelines, availability of internal resources and interdependence between projects.

  • Analysing processes and incorporating them into your digital transformation roadmap
  • Selecting ERP software
  • Planning the implementation process
  • Monitoring quality assurance

We help your company to address its project goals in an efficient and effective manner. To do this, we find the answers to key questions. For example, which of the major software solutions and providers (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Workday and others) on the market are suitable for your company? Which functions are available and what process adjustments need to be made? We also ensure that the documents and evidence required by law (for statutory auditors and the tax authorities, for example) are in place at the end of the project.

Your benefits

We work with you and your company as a partner throughout the entire process, assisting and advising on your digital transformation and the use of state-of-the-art, high-performance ERP systems – from planning to execution. Working with us also gives you access to a comprehensive network of experts near you, as well as alliances and business networks. These partners are experienced in working with top software providers such as SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, Workday, Lucanet and others – offering both cloud-based and on-premises solutions. Your benefits include:

  • Access to our knowledge of best practice in software, techniques and tools across a variety of topics
  • Optimal process design based on your specific requirements for an ERP solution, and traceable, end-user-friendly documentation of all target processes based on widely used methods 
  • Use of process excellence solutions – such as Celonis – and data analytics tools
  • An inclusive approach to generating synergies for future phases of optimisation
  • Close cooperation and a sound project management office (PMO) to ensure project success
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