People and culture

Train your employees to recognise, shape and accelerate changes – to make a difference that counts

Your finance function is ready for change. Are you?

Research and experience tell us that companies undergoing changes are more likely to succeed if they make their employees the focus of this process.

We can work with you to increase your business potential, leveraging the capabilities of your employees and establishing a new culture in your company.

How do you go about ensuring that the people in your company will accept change?

How we can help


Get your team to focus on one very specific change. It’s essential that all your employees are on the same page at the start of a change initiative. 

  • Evaluating change readiness
  • Preparing managers for your programme vision
  • Identifying key behaviours for success of cultural change
  • Using Change Navigator to identify and keep track of changes


Give your team clear opportunities to get involved – people are less likely to support change if they feel it’s being forced on them from the top down.

  • Communication – meeting people and bringing them together
  • Creating personalised experiences, with engagement strategies for each role


As soon as we’ve established a proactive culture, we can enable a new way of working, with fresh ideas and new practices.

  • Creating a change network to introduce the change to various different groups of employees
  • Creating a digital adoption approach
  • Getting training events going and addressing problem areas
  • Further increasing readiness
  • Focusing on critical behaviours and consulting on key success factors


In the final stage we coach your people on how they can continue to develop, by breaking big targets down to team level and individual level.

  • Preparing your organisation for its next steps
  • Identifying behavioural changes and acceptance of new systems

Looking for inspiration?

Whether you want to use new technologies or new processes to start your transformation, we can help you to put your people at the centre. This will speed you on your way towards a highly efficient finance function that’s ready to get top performance out of your organisation.

Our best practises

Implementing S/4HANA AT Zalando

Europe’s leading online fashion platform, connecting customers, brands and partners in 17 countries. The company employs more than 6,000 people in Berlin and has over 15,000 employees worldwide.


  • Identifying and analysing the organisational changes that the project involved
  • Preparing and enabling the organisation for go-live
  • Change management integrated into project work at a late stage


  • Specifying a change management plan and promoting understanding within the organisation
  • Creating a change story and raising awareness of the case for change within the organisation
  • Detailed change impact analysis to ensure that all processes and target groups were addressed
  • Integrating training into the programme schedule in order to create synergies and prepare for the go-live
  • Providing toolkits and templates in order to enable process owners to create training documents
  • Planning and running train-the-trainer sessions; introducing new methods of enabling and post-go-live support activities

Value for the client

  • Positive user experience, even during the test phase
  • Internal employee competencies could be used to the full, which increased individual responsibility and acceptance of the project within the organisation
  • All key end users informed and enabled prior to go-live
  • Support structures for end users after go-live
  • Tools introduced to collect feedback and suggestions from end users after go-live

Finance Operating Model for a automotive supplier

This client is one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers, with around 50 sites on four continents and over 15,000 employees.


  • Ensuring project acceptance and support, both among management at HQ and in individual countries
  • Providing change management support while rolling out the new operating model to the individual countries and business units
  • Providing coaching and guidance to support both managers and employees, in the form of communication activities and training courses


  • Developing the project vision and goals, and the key messages for management
  • Producing materials to communicate with diverse countries, business units and groups of stakeholders
  • Cascading information through levels of management; recording feedback and drawing up suitable changes and communication measures
  • Communicating with employee representatives; supporting HR in allocating new roles and responsibilities
  • Preparing and supplying transition playbooks for managers to use during the rollout

Value for the client

  • Broad support for the project among senior management
  • Managers were mobilised at an early stage, which enabled the initiative to be completed on time and on budget
  • Project approved by employee representatives at an early stage
  • Personalised communication with managers and employees ensured successful rollout of the new operating model
  • New roles appropriately filled; new responsibilities quickly communicated

People and culture events

#TransformYourTomorrow: Tech-enabled HR Transformation @ZEISS

Rather than solely implementing a new cloud HR system, ZEISS decided for a holistic approach where they harmonized HR processes across the globe and enabled these by new cloud technologies, with at its global core Workday. In parallel, in Germany, where approximately 50% of their workforce is located, ZEISS introduced a more business focussed HR management as well as a shared service center enabled by ServiceNow to support employees and managers even more effectively.

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