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Corporate planning from a single source

Planning 5.0 is the solution for integrating your cross-functional planning and reporting processes into a consolidated planning and analysis tool. It increases the quality and transparency of decisions made across your organization. Not only complex dependencies and interactions within your value chain (for example in terms of sales planning and operational planning), but also effects on your financial planning can be reflected efficiently within one tool.

Based on PwC’s holistic framework, both individual requirements and the characteristics of your organization’s business model can be depicted in the planning driver model. In addition to state-of-the-art planning functionalities, Planning 5.0 provides you with comprehensive reporting and analysis functionalities that accelerate and streamline your planning process.

Your added value with Planning 5.0 at a glance

Successful and sustainable support for control processes requires two key elements: Planning must take into account the complexity of  interactions across the value chain while minimizing the effort required to reflect the planning processes. Planning 5.0 offers an innovative approach to integrated planning and simulation for both aspects. The tool optimizes corporate planning in the following dimensions:

  • Process integration of strategic planning, operational sub-planning and financial planning 
  • Functional integration across all divisions 
  • Integration of planning horizons, from long-term to medium-term planning, budget planning and short-term forecasts
  • Technical integration across all processes
  • Data integration of both master and transactional data
  • Methodical integration for the parallel use of manual planning, statistical approaches and simulations

Thanks to the high degree of automation of Planning 5.0, companies can shorten their response times and thus the time to decision.

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The holistic and integrated framework covers all dimensions of efficient planning

Linking the planning periods

Our tool Planning 5.0 covers the typical planning horizons:

  • Strategic and long-term planning
  • Budget planning
  • Forecast

By closely interlinking these typical planning horizons – for example by using data from previous periods – consistency between the plan versions as well as clear consideration of the strategic guidelines in the operational targets can be ensured. Additional time horizons (e.g. for medium-term planning) can be added if required.

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For lean processes and precise decisions: S&OP and Financial Planning

The integration of sales and operations planning (S&OP) and financial planning (also known as xP&A) leads to better coordination between the parties involved while preventing duplicate efforts in the organization. Furthermore companies can use the results of financial planning to review operational planning.

By incorporating important key performance indicators such as sales, earnings figures and manufacturing costs into both views, planners and management are optimally supported in making well-informed decisions across the entire supply chain.

Simulation of different scenarios

Extensive simulation functionalities enable planners to carry out quick scenario analyses for various queries, such as

  • supply and demand-side pricing
  • supply-side restrictions
  • the shortage of skilled workers

Such scenarios can then be adapted manually and serve as a basis for further planning.

Simulation functions in the tool (extract):

planning 5.0 tool screenshot
planning 5.0 tool screenshot
planning 5.0 tool screenshot

Support of the workflow

Complex planning processes place a variety of participation and input requirements on your company. PwC’s Planning 5.0 framework can be used to simplify this task by structuring process flows at all decision-making levels – from process owners to planners. Employees are guided efficiently to the subtasks they are responsible for. Hereby, individual authorization and organizational structures are taken into account.

planning 5.0 tool screenshot

Planning 5.0 supports your workflow by providing general overviews of the planning process and offering individual task overviews at sub-process level, from which employees can switch to all input and administration functions.

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