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Jens Greiner ist Director, Forensic Services bei PwC Deutschland

Jens Greiner
Director, Forensic Services at PwC Germany
Tel.: +49 69 9585-5831

Integrated approaches are successful

The way management personnel prepare for disruptive events and how they respond to them is crucial in determining how well an organization recovers and whether it emerges stronger from a crisis. In practice, an integrated response to a crisis has proven to be successful because it:

  • Brings clarity to the organization from day one
  • Enables swift action that saves valuable time
  • Relies on facts and data for making decisions
  • Delivers a high ability to adapt the response as the crisis evolves
  • Teaches learnings systematically to apply the next time crisis hits

Have you prepared a strategy for your crisis response?

We believe a crisis can be a catalyst to drive strategy transformation – because we’ve seen it happen time and again. But a coordinated crisis response, combined with a clear strategy, is needed to utilize the opportunities presented by a crisis. Without a strategy with clear goals and responsibilities, an unplanned event can interrupt critical operations and lead to a loss of confidence among stakeholders, employees, and customers alike, which may lead to long-lasting damage to your organization.

Mobilize. Stabilize. Strategize. Every successful crisis response comprises three waves:


An effective crisis management strategy initiates swift action. It helps your team quickly get clarity on the potential impact of the crisis.


With the right crisis response, management personnel create the space to analyze the situation and think while making and communicating the right decisions.


An appropriate crisis response always anticipates what’s around the corner – even as immediate circumstances need to be addressed. By combining that foresight with lessons learned, you’ll continuously strengthen the crisis management capabilities of your organization.

Planning an effective response to crisis

With the help of targeted response initiatives, you can prepare an effective crisis response for your company – regardless of the type or scope of the crisis that is threatening your organization. We support you with experienced experts from our PwC network.

  • The Crisis Program Management Office (PMO) is the foundation for a successful crisis response, establishing clear roles and responsibilities across work streams.
  • Stakeholder mapping and engagement enables a process for clear understanding of stakeholder needs and expectations and how they may shift throughout a crisis.
  • The crisis command center helps organizations to handle a crisis by developing a governance structure, appointing a core team, and defining the logistics, as well as providing the necessary tools and technologies. It also helps to formulate core crisis response principles and values.
  • On-call agreements provide priority access to a global network of experts and experienced crisis response personnel during peak times of the crisis.
  • Crisis response reports and dashboards provide the ability to view key metrics and derive insights in context from your crisis response data.

“21% of German companies did not have a formal crisis response team in place prior to the pandemic.”

PwC's Global Crisis Survey 2021
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Jens Greiner

Jens Greiner

Director, Forensic Services, PwC Germany

Tel: +49 175 3532089