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Germany offers many opportunities for investors. Take advantage of our expertise to master the different requirements and aspects of doing business in Germany.

Germany: an attractive environment for inward investors

There are many good reasons for doing business in Germany. As Europe's largest market, the country is an attractive place for investors from all over the world. Germany is an innovative leader across many areas of technology, having a highly qualified workforce and an outstandingly developed infrastructure. SMEs in particular benefit from the well-organised business environment and secure legal climate. 

Germany has an effective legal system which ensures equality among foreign and local investors in the establishment and protection of industrial and intellectual property. At the same time, investors are required to comply with their legal obligations. PwC is at your side with the relevant market experience and expertise, acting as a key partner through the journey.

Facts and challenges of doing business in Germany

Whether founding a start-up, acquiring a business or setting up a subsidiary with local production – for your expansion into Germany you need the right preparation to navigate German regulations and to evaluate the critical issues. PwC is your reliable partner in Germany for tax and legal consultation as well as for audit and strategy services. Contact us for support in your specific questions about doing business and investing in Germany.

Prepare properly to navigate German regulations

Starting a business

There are many steps to prepare: From choosing the best suitable legal form for your business to the registration of your company with the commercial register and the trade office. Commercial commitment across borders requires detailed consideration. Professional advice at the founding stage can be a significant advantage for your business in Germany.

Paying taxes

Corporate tax, municipal trade tax, solidarity surcharge – there are many direct and indirect taxes in Germany. What is taxable income and what are deductible business expenses? How can you repatriate profits from your investment and operations? Competent tax consultation is necessary to solve these and other questions regarding your business abroad.

Labor and migration law

Just as other legal systems, the labor law in Germany has its particularities when it comes to hiring workers, work permits and employment terms. There are several opportunities to create an individual compensation concept in alignment with the social security system. Qualified legal guidance is helpful for your business in Germany also in the broader context of human resources.

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