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Dutch Business Group

Germany represents one of the most important trading partners of the Netherlands and for Germany Dutch-German relations play a major role in its economy as well. Important influences in this respect are in particular the geographic proximity to the neighbouring country, favourable infrastructural connections (including the Rhine River) and consistent economic orders.

The close relationship reflects particularly in the German-Dutch foreign trade. Almost 75% of the Dutch balance of trade surplus results from trading with Germany. At the same time, the port of Rotterdam is an essential "gateway" for international trading operations – also for Germany. About 25% of all Dutch exports are based on products exported to Germany. From a German perspective the Netherlands are ranked the second most important trading partner of the Federal Republic.

"The Netherlands represent one of the most important business partners for Germany. According to experts, the intensity of the economic relations between Germany and the Netherlands is surpassed on a worldwide scale only by the economic relations prevailing between the USA and Canada."

Siegfried von Parzotka-Lipinski, Leader of the Dutch/German Business Group

Multidisciplinary Team

The Dutch/German Business Group team consists of German and Dutch consultants (tax consultants, attorneys at law, public auditors) covering all areas of our service portfolio. They work hand in hand for the benefit of the clients.

Your advantages:

Coordination by one contact person on either side of the border

Please get in touch with a contact person of our Business Group. Your contact person coordinates the advice and support by our team in the neighbouring country.

Time savings and cost efficiency

Providing advice and support, the Business Group team saves you time and costs with respect to the otherwise stressful and time-consuming search for and coordination with the various relevant authorities and consultants in Germany and the Netherlands.

Smooth communication

Your contact person in our Business Group and further team members speak your national language. We also know your economic, legal and organisational needs and problems in dealing with the neighbouring country and we assist you in finding solutions. This avoids inefficiencies.

Speedy solutions

We have the contacts to authoritative bodies in the Netherlands and Germany such as banks, business development corporations, municipalities and associations which we use to your advantage. This means for you targeted and efficient communication with the relevant bodies and a speedy solution of your issues.


The Dutch/German Business Group of PwC places particular emphasis on issues in relation to the Netherlands and Germany. For instance, we offer German and Dutch companies expert advice and support in any questions with regard to the cross-border movement of goods and services, holding and financing structures, the way into the neighbouring country or respective structural changes in that country, the search for a suitable location and also issues concerning the evaluation of the general conditions on the ground. Furthermore, our experts assist you in establishing a business or a subsidiary in the neighbouring country as well as in any intended acquisition or sale of a company in the neighbouring country.

Contact us

Siegfried v. Parzotka-Lipinski

Siegfried v. Parzotka-Lipinski

Deutschland, PwC Germany

Tel: +49 211 981-7544

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