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Exit Services

High expectations of numerous stakeholders, regulators and prospective stock holders need to be fulfilled in order to successfully access capital markets. In an exit, however, the expectations of the potential investor need to be considered first and foremost. Financial data needs to be considered from the investor’s point of view and judged accordingly to determine any possible inconsistencies and to provide timely and precise solutions. If the purchase price is supposed to be financed through a bond issuance, the company has to make extensive information available in a short period of time and is bound by wide-ranging reporting obligations after the issuance. We are equipped and more than willing to support and guide you through the preparations for your transaction.

Exit Services

Perfectly prepared for IPO, exit and bond issues

Anyone planning an IPO, a sale or a refinancing through bond issues needs to present their asset in the best light. That means satisfying the most diverse requirements and providing various financials – free of errors and as complete as possible.

What we do for you:

  • We audit the quality of financial data (such as monthly financial statements including profit and loss account, balance sheet and cash flow, profitability calculations)
  • We examine the resilience of the business plan
  • We show you the potential for improvement and make suggestions aimed at helping you with the implementation of improvement measures. To that end, we develop a prioritised time and action plan

Financial Robustness Review

Steering towards an optimum sale with enhanced reporting and budgeting processes and solid data

Strategic measures are the top priority following the acquisition of a company. Nevertheless, it is advisable to review the quality of reporting and budgeting processes and formats at an early stage. Through continuous improvement, sound and well-substantiated data for the purpose of an exit can be created, potential problem areas can be addressed in time and corporate control can be improved during the holding phase.

What we do for you:

  • Analysis of the reporting and budgeting processes and their formats with a focus on improving the consistency and granularity
  • Development of an individual prioritised action plan and assistance in the implementation of measures
  • Oversight of progress and update of the plan on a yearly basis

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Nadja Picard

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