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Siegrfried Klein

Siegfried Klein
Senior Manager at PwC Germany
Tel: +49 40 6378-1703

Minimize Risks with SAP GTS

What are the customs requirements for exporting to other countries or regions? How can you ensure that your information is always up-to-date and that you implement all new customs regulations in a timely manner? How can processes be streamlined, digitally displayed, and fully automated in a tailor-made customs software? The solution: demand-oriented cloud applications!

PwC provides you with a holistic approach to customs and foreign trade—from strategic advice to implementation using customs software. All with the goal of minimizing your import and export risks.

“We had been using the PwC cloud solution for SAP GTS for a number of years and then decided to put other areas into the competent hands of the SAP GTS team. In addition to the cloud solution, PwC also monitors our SAP ERP systems. We are very satisfied with the services and look forward to continuing our cooperation."

Reinhard Schröder,Controlling/Logistics/SAP Administration, HANZA GmbH PwC customer since 2013
> 550

customs specialists from the international PwC network answer specific questions about customs regulations and procedures.

46 %

maximum cost savings when using OnDemand for SAP GTS compared to alternative solutions.

approx. 50

GTS experts provide smooth implementation and use of the customs software.

> 10 years

The PwC team has over 10 years of experience in operating OnDemand for SAP GTS landscapes.

Our Services


Numerous operational departments—from purchasing to warehousing to sales—are in contact with foreign trade processes along the supply chain. These issues are of great importance in international trade. And new, complex legal requirements as well as trade policy measures are constantly being added—whether it is free trade agreements, import duties, export controls, or the evaluation of dual-use goods.

If the currently applicable regulations are implemented incorrectly, products may not be procured or delivered on time, resulting in a possible loss of orders. In addition, it takes a lot of time to precisely document the inspections in the customs procedure. If errors occur, for example in the area of export controls or customs declarations, this can even result in sanctions.


Our experts have many years of experience in the areas of compliance, management, customs management, risk management (preference processing), electronic compliance reporting (ECR), and listed customs procedures. With PwC, you have a partner at your side who can optimize and accelerate your business processes in customs and foreign trade. We stand for an integrated and holistic approach.

We advise companies interested in the benefits of cloud solutions for customs clearance and foreign trade and who want to integrate or optimize SAP Global Trade Services into their ERP system. In addition, 50 international PwC experts and more than 550 customs specialists support you in the strategic organization and development of customer-specific software solutions for global trade. We also offer a customer service center and training in this area.

Your Benefits

Legally secure

Among other functions the system always has access to the latest data on sanction lists and preferential agreements. This allows you to optimize your deliveries, avoid fines, criminal law consequences, or the withdrawal of customs authorizations. At the same time, your data is optimally protected by processing in PwC's own data center in Germany.


You receive all services from a single source and have only one contractual partner who is able to advise you, even on complex questions: A competent customs team is available to support you—in German and English.


Our experts will work with you to find the most favorable version of SAP GTS for you. With OnDemand, for example, you can save almost half the costs compared to alternative solutions because there are no costs for licenses and hardware.


Use only the functions that you really need. Our experts will work with you to find out which functions of the scalable systems are relevant for you. You have a cost-effective high-end product with standard functions at your disposal.

Cloud Solutions for SAP GTS

Global Trade Software from the Cloud

The core of our offering is a cloud product that SAP introduced in 2003. It ensures that companies comply with all customs regulations in foreign trade—even if these suddenly change. PwC has been operating scalable SAP GTS systems, suitable for companies of all sizes, in the cloud since 2010. We offer affordable cloud services for optimized customs and foreign trade processes that can be seamlessly integrated into the ERP software using standard interfaces. PwC is also the only provider of OnDemand for SAP GTS worldwide.

All three cloud variants are scalable and can be individually adapted to customer needs, with data protection guaranteed at all times by servers in Germany. PwC takes on the maintenance and administration and delivers the data content, for example, in the form of sanction lists or preferential agreements.

SAP GTS is available in four variants


PwC is the only provider in the world to operate SAP GTS on the basis of usage-based billing as a direct partner of SAP. A separate license is not required for the OnDemand variant, saving you up to half the costs compared to alternative solutions. OnDemand is particularly interesting for small and medium-sized companies.

The model is as follows: only pay for what you use. You have the choice between different processes. The usage fees are based on the transactions per month (plus one-time implementation and monthly basic fee).

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Operation as a SaaS solution (Partner Managed Cloud) is based on fixed monthly fees. Here too, the license is already included. Compared to the OnDemand variant, the SaaS approach is more flexible with a separate system being operated for each customer. SaaS is particularly suitable for medium-sized to large exporters.

You choose the modules needed for your day-to-day work: We implement the individual modules— Export, Import, Preference or all of them as a bundle for you. With SaaS for SAP GTS you can map as many processes as you would like for a fixed monthly amount—even the license costs are included. Thus, instead of investment costs (Capex), you only incur operating costs (Opex).

System operation

You buy the SAP GTS yourself. We take over the implementation and operation—if you wish, also for individual components. You can choose whether you want to run the solution in the PwC data center or on your own servers. The fixed monthly fee makes financial planning easier. This variant is especially intended for larger corporations.


If you use your own SAP GTS license and want to run the system on your own servers, we will support you during the entire implementation. Furthermore, we support you in customizing, maintenance, monitoring, further development, or employee training within your company. Just talk to us.

Always by Your Side: Targeted Support Through a Ticket System

Regardless of which version of SAP GTS you choose, our Customer Service Center (CSC) provides you and your employees with targeted support in the event of problems, provides information on foreign trade, electronic customs clearance, and customs procedures, and answers general questions on import and export, customs law, and customs inspection as well as foreign trade and export control. For all your questions, we can also draw on PwC's international network.

Your benefits

  • A ticket system for recording your questions—where you can see the current processing status at any time
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support from trained specialists
  • Monitoring and health checks of your system
  • Telephone correspondence in emergency situations
  • Answers to all your questions: you can rely on our international network of more than 550 customs experts
  • With OnDemand or SaaS for SAP GTS there are only operating costs (opex)—you save investment costs (capex).

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Siegfried Klein

Siegfried Klein

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