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PropTech Map 2018: The top 100 startups in Europe’s real estate world

04 Juli, 2018

PropTechs are on the rise

Digitalization in the real estate industry has already gained momentum. But which future visions of the enthusiastic startup founders already convince the broad masses? In professional circles PropTechs have become indispensable and innovative ideas are discussed. However, the question arises in which areas of the real estate life cycle PropTech is well positioned.

With Julia Arlt and David Nadge, PwC has nominated two jury members for the start-up contest of the Real Estate Innovation Network (REIN).

The REIN was able to identify 1,622 startups in Europe, of which more than 450 PropTechs responded to the call and stood up to the rigorous assessment process. For a more detailed analysis, the startups were clustered according to the focus of their service and ranked by the top-class jury using a fixed rating scheme. 55 PropTechs have prevailed and were able to present their business idea as part of the pre-pitch. Here, the five best PropTechs were selected for each life cycle cluster and invited to EXPO REAL 2018 in Munich.

Basis for the visualization of the PropTech map

The reviews of the contest were the basis for the visualization of the Top 100 PropTech Map created by PwC in cooperation with REIN. In addition to the assignment to the clusters, an assessment was made of the funding stage from seed to maturity. MostPropTechs are currently in the start-up phase, but also increasingly in the growth phase. The multidimensional map also allows to filter by country and year of foundation and provides a brief description of all PropTechs with a link to their online presence.

The PropTech Map serves as a guideline for structuring the extensive PropTech market in Europe. It should help to promote the networking of established real estate asset managers and innovative PropTech companies. The detailed knowledge of the market helps us to actively shape the ongoing change process. It stands for the cooperation that is necessary in times of open innovation.

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