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Multimodal transport networks, e-mobility, infrastructure and more: find out how we can support you on any questions related to sustainable mobility.

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Thinking about smart, sustainable mobility

In the future, the ways people get around will change – whether in big cities, small towns or out in the countryside. The same applies to freight transport. The main drivers of these changes are technologies such as autonomous driving and the growth of electric vehicles. There are also long-term trends: many cities are growing, and many consumers are more aware of sustainability and the environment.

Mobility of the future will be multimodal and sustainable

These developments are affecting various economic sectors, from the automotive and energy industries to the public sector and logistics. With traditional market boundaries increasingly being torn down, decision-makers are looking for new mobility paradigms and business models.

Connectivity, data, transport modes, transport networks and transport infrastructure are combining to create smart mobility – solutions that not only transport us, but move us forwards as well.

At PwC, we see smart mobility as safe, efficient, practical and sustainable mobility solutions. We can help you navigate your business through the disruptive changes that are happening in the mobility ecosystem, keeping everything and everyone on the move.

The journey to innovative, future-proof mobility

A space for your most pressing questions

What moves us? At PwC, our experts in Mobility Transformation, Automotive, Sustainability Consulting, the Public Sector and the Energy Industry develop practical solutions which help our clients to succeed with often-disruptive transformation to smart mobility.

In 2023, PwC Germany was an official cooperation partner at IAA MOBILITY once again. Together with our Global Alliance partner Microsoft and the University of St.Gallen we created a space to discuss the future of mobility with you and our community of over 80 experts.

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Our focus areas

We support you in reshaping the future of urban space.

We work on innovative projects and mobility solutions for our clients.

We support you in developing and implementing strategies to create value from mobility data.

We support you in shaping a sustainable future for mobility in smart cities and surrounding regions.

We support you in building capacity to develop, manufacture and market electric vehicles.

Effective charging networks are very important for public acceptance of electric vehicles.

We bring technology to the design and delivery of professionally managed fleets.

We support you in recognising and exploiting opportunities in alternative fuels.

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Digital products and tools for smart mobility

Mobility Platform: analysis and monitoring of mobility habits

Standing out from the competition as an attractive mobility provider requires companies to take innovative, data-driven routes. So far, very few mobility providers have exploited the potential of data because accessing and processing their own mobility data is proving to be a challenge in itself.

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Smart City Plattform: comprehensive smart city solutions for your city

More than ever before, local and state governments are having to adapt to today’s influences and trends. Urban growth, climate change and digitalisation are just a few of the many challenges they have to face. In order to keep society functioning in the future, they must find intelligent solutions and develop further.

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Sustainable Innovation: products, services and strategies for long-term relevance

We help to develop products and services that are economically successful, technologically feasible and sought after by customers – and which simultaneously create an overall benefit for society and the world.

Our multidisciplinary team has done pioneering work: as a leading innovation agency, we combine many years of wide-ranging market experience with in-depth methodical know-how in business, service and tech design.

Smart Mobility: insights and studies

PwC Germany: supporting startups in partnership with the University of St.Gallen

“CAS Smart Mobility Management – driven by SMART Data & SMART Cities” is an executive programme at the University of St.Gallen which aims to act as a fitness programme for the mobility revolution. The transformation of mobility has already begun, but can only succeed if all players, both public and private, work together to develop new mobility ecosystems. We are therefore pleased to be a partner in this programme for the fifth year in a row, supporting two startups with a grant of 50% of their tuition fees. Let’s rethink mobility together.

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“Lab for Smart Mobility” at HSG is researching mobility of the future

The University of St.Gallen (HSG) and PwC Germany have signed a cooperation agreement for joint, application-oriented research activities. In the newly founded Lab for Smart Mobility, researchers are developing innovations for mobility of the future together with experts in the field.

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Felix Kuhnert

Felix Kuhnert

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Hansjörg Arnold

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