Strategic advice on asset structuring

Increasing globalisation is a major challenge to maintaining and increasing private assets. PwC offers wealthy private clients far-sighted but balanced strategic tax planning.

The lifestyle and property of wealthy families and private individuals are often international in different ways. Bank accounts and properties at home and abroad, shares in foreign companies and alternative investments tend to lead to situations where assets are managed by different managers in different countries.

To avoid undermining the long-term security of the estate, it is essential that international tax and asset planning is carried out in close co-operation between the investment and property advisors and the legal and tax consultants.

PwC and asset control

PwC's income tax advisory services cover all current tax matters. This includes preparing tax returns, checking assessments, payment demands and other notices, answering specific queries, participating in tax audits and master-minding appeals. However, personal tax advice also includes far-seeing national and international tax planning in relation to the taxation of income, capital gains, transactions and property or wealth.

A tax strategy must be driven by long-term objectives. Since PwC's private client specialists can be found in more than 40 offices in 18 countries, PwC can offer wealthy private clients internationally tailored, comprehensive solutions.

Planning for the future is also crucial for top earners from the upper echelons of international conglomerates.

Adequate liquidity on retirement

PwC's specialists suggest beginning early with retirement planning to ensure adequate liquidity and adequate income-earning capacity when active employment ceases. To this end, we offer strategic advice on asset structuring not only for top managers, but for all wealthy private clients. PwC's experts draw up annual statements of wealth and cash flow as a reliable planning basis for future investment. The annual updates ensure early recognition of any financial shortcoming, allowing countermeasures to be taken. This form of asset control is another service provided by PwC.

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