Tax Risk Management

Underestimating tax risks can put the future of an entire business in jeopardy. Developments in the international regulatory environment show taxes to be a significant business risk.

Apart from the tax risks, corporate governance requirements can no longer be ignored when planning business strategy. Both aspects compel directors and members of supervisory boards to concern themselves with a business' tax position and strategy, if they are to discharge their duties adequately.

Shareholders expect tax strategies to be published, so that they can see that management is looking to the future whilst remaining aware of its social responsibilities.

For the tax departments this means careful consideration of every opportunity for tax savings whilst keeping the tax risks under proper control. Opportunities and risks must be promptly identified and evaluated, and action taken as appropriate The flood of tax regulations as well as complex regulatory requirements in other fields, such as those of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, do not make the task any easier.

PwC's experts support businesses on all tax risk management issues. Tax experts meet with systems experts and experts from the Corporate Social Responsibility Network to work together on:

  • Tax strategies and guidelines
  • Identification of existing risks
  • Optimisation of systems and controls
  • Opportunities for improving the tax risk management system

This leads to specific recommendations on steps towards the ideal tax risk management system. The client decides which ones to take and when.

The goal is one single tax risk management system integrated with management objectives and gaining competitive advantages from actively managing tax issues within calculable risk parameters.

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